Fish oil supplements come in a variety of qualities, from Excellent to really bad. It depends on what is worth more to the manufacturer...satisfied customers or just the bottom dollar.

First I need to mention something else:
I wrote an article about this subject and discovered that somehow the complete article was not there once it got online. Well, maybe it was. But I found a mistake .....a typo..which actually constituted a misinformation. So I took the article and edited it. It's now online again but seems to have an abrupt ending.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not putting the blame on Infobarrel or anybody connected with it. I'm quite a newbie at all this and would not be surprised if I edited away the last part of my article.

I'm trying to remedy this by giving you the rest of the information in a new article. Maybe my other one was too long?

OK, back to the product.

The last thing that was still in my other article was mentioning people should know where the fish, the oil was extracted from, originated. The best waters to find fish with a low risk of being contaminated are South of New Zealand. There's a very low risk of mercury and other contaminants in those waters because they are not in any shipping lane.

The oil should be extracted by a method called molecular distillation. This is the only way you are sure to have the purest oil with all the ingredients in their original potency.

You do not want to consume a fish oil supplement and have a fishy taste come back up. This would happen if the oil is not processed within a very short time after extraction. The oil will go rancid because of oxidation. A good fish oil product will not cause this to happen.

Always check that the product has a large quantity of the Omega essential fatty acids in it. About 50% of the product should be DHA, EPA and maybe a small quantity of Omega 6 and 9

Salmon and Tuna are often used in the production of fish oil. But there is a fish named Hoki that apparently has a higher quality of f EFAs than the other deep sea fatty fish. This is not something I can state as a fact. Also this fish seems to only be found in the area around New Zealand and doesn't wander to other waters. Thus it has a lower risk of being contaminated.

This might be just hear-say. But I can tell you one thing: I have been taking a fish oil supplement extracted from the Hoki fish. I've only taken this now for 10 days and I find the results amazing.
I have severe arthritis in my left thumb, knee, right hip, right shoulder, lower back and my neck.
This is all the result of a car accident I was in years ago.

I felt a difference after about three days but told myself it was probably just in my head and I wanted it to work. For the past year or so I have done all my computer work sitting in a LazBoy chair with my lap top on my lap. The past three days I sat at a computer table on a normal chair. Well, it does have arm rests.:). My inflammation in my knee is way down. I can turn over in bed without my shoulder hurting. Actually I can put my arm way over my head. My back is still a bit tender but not really hurting much. On top of all this I slept last night without taking the sleeping tablets I have been taking for over 5 years. Well, to be honest, I forgot if I ad taken them. So I decided not to and see how it would go. Tonight I am not going to take them on purpose and make sure that it's my supplements that help me to sleep.

You might be skeptical about this and that's OK with me. As long as I know I'm feeling much, much better.
And I have achieved this by spending less than $ 20. (Am.) so far.