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Fish oil has become a very instrumental source of medicine in the 21st century. The oil is extracted from the tissues of the oily types of fish. From time immemorial, fish oil has been used to treat numerous ailments ranging from common coughs to more complicated diseases like tuberculosis.

Modern medicine practitioners have used fish oil to blend various medicines especially in treating tuberculosis and stomach related ailments. Fish oil has been recommended to athletes and other people engaged in strenuous activities like mountain climbing. 

What is Contained in Fish Oil

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Fish oils have eicosapentaenoic, eicosanoids and the docosahexaenoic acids popularly dubbed as the omega 3. These omega 3 acids are accredited for reducing inflammation in the body among other various health benefits. These omega 3 acids are not produced by the body of the fish but are accumulated through consumption of microalgae.

Extraction of fish oil


Extraction of fish oil is done in both simplistic and complex ways. For medicines that require blending with specific type of omega 3 acids, technologically motivated extraction is required to separate the 3 omega acids.

Extraction of fish oil is mainly done on smaller types of fish that are not fish predators. Extraction of fish acids is not recommended among big predator fish like sharks, sword fish and the like. The reason is that while these predator fish have higher concentration of the omega 3 acids, they have a higher risk of having toxic and other exotic substances that may have high contaminative quality to the human body. In fact the Unites States Food and Drug Administration has banned the consumption of certain types of fish considered to have highly toxic substances in their bodies.

Sources of the Omega 3 Acids

Fishes actually don’t produce omega-3, but instead accumulate the fatty acids from their consumption of microalgae, which then produce the omega 3 acids. Omega 3 acids are high among fish types like sardines and herring.

Diseases Commonly Treated


There are various types of diseases that the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil can treat. These diseases are not common but pose a great danger in that they may set the stage for the attack by more complicated diseases. In fact most of the diseases treated by the acids are mainly psychological: clinical depression, anxiety and helps come down patients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders. 

The healing qualities of fish oil’s omega 3 acids is attested by people suffering from chronic chest diseases like impending stroke, angina, tuberculosis and general inflammation within the body. People with coughing and breathing difficulties are prescribed fish.


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Fish oil production has been on the increase in the past few years. The world largest decline in fish oil production was recorded in 2005 due to the decline in the international economic scales and recession. The world’s leading producers of fish oil are Peru, Chile, Iceland and Norway which have provided a constant supply of fish oil in all parts of the world. Technological advancements and research work in the fish oil industry has empowered this nations to meet the growing demands of fish oil world over.