Fish oils can be extremely beneficial to a dog's health. Like humans, dogs need a variety of naturally occurring fats in order to stay healthy. Fish oils are a great source of these fats. These would be a wise choice for keeping your hairiest member of the family(the dog I hope) healthy. Fish oils can also help cure a variety of illnesses and allergies. The primary use being for skin conditions and joint problems such as arthritis. Arthritis is very common in large breed dogs and can make their day to day existence extremely uncomfortable. Fish oils for dogs can be found online easily and cheaply, so there is no excuse for not giving your dog a boost in their health.

By fish oils I mean omega-3 fatty acids. These omega 3 acids are amino acids made up of docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid, which are both precursors eicosanoids. Eicosanoids are produced when several essential carbon-based fatty acids are oxidized in the body. These have a lot of control over bodily functions. The bodily functions they are primarily responsible for are inflammation, the imune system, and they act as messengers for the central nervous system. Fish do not actually produce these oils however. They are only accumulated in the fish's body. This accumulation occurs when the fish eats large amounts of micro-algae, which naturally produce the chemicals. These oils are primarily produced in fish such as mackerel, lake trout, flounder, albacore tuna, and salmon. A lot of information can be found online about fish oils for dogs.

These oils effect dogs in much the same way they effect humans. Several studies have shown this. A dogs chances of dieing of heart failure drops dramatically when they are given a healthy dose of omega-3 fish oils every day. In the worst cases dogs have been known to get cancer and kidney diseases. Research shows that giving a dog a dose of fish oils every day can greatly decrease their chance of ever acquiring one of these awful diseases.

Fish oil for dogs have been shown to greatly reduce common problems in pets such as itchiness, redness, swelling and hair loss. Your dogs dry, raw, hairless patches will being to clear up quickly after a large dose of omega 3 oils has been added to their diet. These problems are usually associated with allergies. These allergies can come from a variety of places.

Your dog may suffer from a contact allergy. Contact allergies result from the dog coming into contact with, usually by it physically touching the dogs skin, various allergens. These allergens can come from a variety of places that you would never expect. The dog may have an allergy to their bedding. Various forms of textiles can have negative effects on animals just like humans. They will also effect animals in different ways. Dogs may also have an allergy to certain plants. There are obvious plants your dog should avoid like poison ivy and stinging nettle, which will cause great discomfort to almost any creature that makes the mistake of coming in contact with them, but your dog can also be effect by plants you wouldn't expect. Certain plants you may be keeping in your yard or even in your house can have this effect. These skin problems could also be caused by chemicals or cleaning products. There are many dangerous chemicals you should make sure every member of your family avoids, but so called "harmless" chemicals that may be found in your cleaning products can also have devastating effects if your dog is allergic to them. The ideal solution would be to remove the allergen from the dogs environment entirely. This isn't always practical so there are several solutions. A veterinarian can prescribe dangerous steroids to be taken orally. Luckily giving your dog fish oils, which can be acquired cheaply online or for a higher premium at a health food store, works out just as well.

Giving dogs fish oils is an extremely important part of their diet and seems to be missing from the diet of the average household dog. In their natural environment dogs would eat food that is quiet different from the heavily processed garbage made from corn that goes into their dry dog food. They would be eating raw meat, bones, fish, eggs, and poultry- all of which naturally carry similar oils. I can remember that when I first started giving my collie a bit of oil with every meal she looked forward to eating just a little bit more every single day. Her scratching problems seemed to go away in less than a week as well. I also began to notice that her coat began to have a lot more of a shine to it.

Dogs who suffer from arthritis will also benefit greatly from taking fish oils every day. Arthritis is extremely common in large breed dogs but can also happen to smaller dogs that have a extremely active lifestyle. Some dogs can get so bad that they can no longer move quickly because of the pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. In extreme cases dogs will have trouble standing and and may even need help in order to get up from the laying position. A healthy dose of fish oils for your dog every day can cause a profound change in your dogs behavior. Within weeks the dog that needed help standing up could be running around like a puppy again. Don't let your best friend get to this point and start them on fish oils before it becomes a problem.

Fish oils have also been shown to improve visions. They can also help with age related macular degeneration in your dog. Dogs beginning to lose their vision as old age sets in is unfortunately a common problem.

To sum it up, fish oils can help in a dogs immune system, vision care, skin related allergy problems, and arthritis. They can also help a already perfectly healthy dog stay that way. If you want your pets to live long healthy lives omega-3 fatty acids would be an excellent choice as a cheap, safe, and holistic method.