Purchasing The Best Aquarium Heaters Starts With Research

Fish tank heaters and aquarium heaters can be two different items. There are many aquarium owners who do not collect fish but specialize in reptiles or other aquatic or land species. Also searching for fish tank heaters could bring information about heaters used in large commercial fish hatcheries. This could be an important distinction when you are searching for the proper heater for your home aquarium or fish tank. However to get the most complete information possible you should search for both terms.

In this article we will confine the discussion to aquarium heaters meaning heaters used in aquariums used to raise fresh or salt water fish. Any aquarium that will contain exotic fish or even a large collection of common fish will need a means of controlling the water temperature. There are a number of reptile heaters on Amazon that would fill the need of those who raise these species.

If you consider for a moment that when you began to build a home aquarium you are at once removing fish from a natural environment to an artificial environment. The best chance of keeping your fish healthy is to provide them with an environment as close as possible to the natural surrounding they are accustomed to.

Aquarium Heaters Are Necessary In Northern Climates

While this may seem like a simple chore it can be quite demanding. It is not a simple matter of filling a tank with water and a few plants and then adding your fish. You need to began to consider the area where your aquarium will be located. Are you in one of the Northern states where extensive temperature changes are normal?

If so you may need a very robust aquarium heater to keep your fish comfortable. Care needs to be taken on the placement of the aquarium in the home. Will it be near a window where summer sun can raise the temperature very rapidly? In Southern states you will need to consider how your air conditioner will affect the aquarium.

In a natural setting in open water fish are used to temperature variations at different water levels. Perhaps some of your most expensive exotic species will need slightly different water temperatures at different levels in the tank. Get some advise from experienced sales people to be sure. These are a few of the considerations you need to make before purchasing an aquarium heater. A good heater should be one of the very first fish aquarium accessories you purchase.

Any experienced aquarium keeper will probably admit that even with all the technology that has been applied to aquarium heaters the longed for ultimate heater has not yet appeared. It would seem a simple task to keep a tank full of water at a steady range of 75 to 80 degrees. However with a little experience the new aquarist will discover that many diverse elements are working against any attempt to maintain water temperature.

Adding a light source to the top of the tank if not chosen carefully can easily raise the temperature. Plant additions and algae can also cause temperature fluctuations. Fortunately with a little care and research these problems can usually be easily resolved.

Aquarium heaters are can be as simple as a hanging style that is supported on the side of the tank. If a well designed hanging heater is purchased it should work well with any of the smaller aquariums and offer long dependable service.  This type of heater would not be the first choice for any aquarium containing expensive exotic species.

Submersible heaters which as the name implies are situated in the bottom of the tank are a better choice for larger more advanced aquariums. These heaters are manufactured in sealed and unsealed versions.  Sealed units work well in fresh water tanks and are the choice for salt water applications. However it is important to keep a close watch on the rubber seals when used in salt water as they can become brittle allowing the salt water to corrode the heater causing it to fail.

Be Sure You Understand The Controller Of Your Aquarium Heaters

Be sure to find out as much as you can about any heater you will be using and attempt to understand how the unit controls water temperature. Some modern units use bimetallic strips and these can if corroded fuse together. When this occurs the heater can not shut itself off and it has the potential to heat the tank waster well beyond a safe level causing harm or death to the tank occupants..

Because the heat controller of almost any heater is subject to failure at any time it is important to keep a close watch on the water temperature. Using two separate thermometers is a good way to make sure there are no extensive unwanted water temperature fluctuations.

One of the better designs of submersible heater is the cable system. These heaters are manufactured in various wattages and cable lengths to fit different tank sizes. They are laid like a garden hose wound back and forth under the stratum in the bottom of the tank. As the water circulates around the cable a very natural environment and even heating is created.

While reading this article some may come to the conclusion that maintaining an aquarium is too difficult and may not be worth the trouble. However if you have ever spent more than a few minutes watching all the action of a well kept and properly lighted aquarium than you will understand how easily one can become mesmerized by all the beauty and activity displayed hour after hour.

It seems that there is always something new and exciting going on in the tank. Humans have always been attracted to the activities of undomesticated species of animals and fish. Developing an aquarium is a pleasant way to bring some of natures wild creatures into our homes. Children especially are attracted to aquariums and can learn much about nature and responsibility if they are allowed to start even a modest aquarium.

As with any item you are considering purchasing for your aquarium including aquarium heaters make sure to do the necessary research first. Visit Amazon and review the manufacturers descriptions and read the customer comments. You can then be assured you have made the best decision possible.