Fish tank stands or aquarium stands are unfortunately usually the last item purchased for the expanding aquarium or fish tank. It all starts innocently enough. A few dime store fish hasDark Wood Finish Fish Tank StandCredit: Amazontly placed in an improvised bowl or maybe even one of the fish bowls available where the first simple fish are purchased.

Not long after more fish are purchased or given as gifts to the budding aquarist. Now that the population of prized fish has grown a larger tank is sought. Perhaps an aquarium like the  popular 50 or 100 gallon fish tank is brought in to give the fish the room needed to survive. For the new aquarium owner those big shiny tanks seem like the perfect answer as they visualize all those beautiful new exotic species they have now decided to purchase.

Consider The Final Weight Of The Aquarium

Most people do not actually appreciate how heavy water really is. A gallon of water weighs about 8 pounds. So a 50 gallon tank will weigh somewhere around 400 pounds not counting the weight of the tank and any accessories. That 100 gallon beauty will top out well over 800 pounds. All of a sudden that shakey end table or any other number of temporary fish tank stands not meant to support all this new weight began to cause considerable concern to this ambitious aquarium owner.

A typical glass or even an acrylic aquarium could easily develop leaks in corner of bottom joints if not properly supported. A leaky tank will quickly diminish the joy of aquarium ownership as prized wood floors or carpets began to show the residue of dripping water. And if the ultimate disaster, a total collapse of one of those large tanks, occurs one can only imagine the damage 100 gallons of water, assorted tank elements, plants and shattered glass would do.

Even if the tank should remain in tack and never spring a leak sooner or later the owner will want to add one of the many fish tank stands available which will add to the beauty of the aquarium especially if it is located in a room where guests will often gather.

Moving A Large Tank To A New Fish Tank Stand Is Difficult

Moving one of those heavy tanks is almost impossible which means in many cases the tank woBlack Cabinet StandCredit: Amazonuld need to be drained causing the possibility of harm to the fish or tank plants or aquarium backgrounds. How much simpler it would be to add a proper stand when the new tank is purchased.

Today's modern fish tank stands are available in many materials such as beautifully finished wood or popular wrought iron and aluminum. These stands are designed to accommodate many of the complex tank shapes that have become so popular.

Iron stands of various sizes and designs works very well for supporting even the heavest tanks. Top of the line models are coated to prevent rust. Some are basic open construction consisting of legs and the necessary supporting members. Other models will have areas to store needed equipment.

Although the attractiveness of the various wood models can add much to the aquarium display, be sure to check the material out closely. Many of the cheaper models are constructed of chipboard which can rapidly disintegrate around high humidity or dripping water. A good plastic drip pan placed under the tank can offer good protection against water damage.

Planning For A Fish Tank Stand Early Is Good Insurance
Plain Iron StandCredit: Amazon
Choosing one of the more robust and solidly built fish tank stands is even more important if the decision is made to advance to the more complex saltwater aquarium. Exotic saltwater species can easily involve spending hundreds of dollars to build the collection. The possibility of an aquarium stand collapse  could completely destroy a collection built over many years and involving great expense to replace. Adding a proper stand early offers many advantages.