It is hard to avoid hearing about how bad fat is for us. Many areas of the media push the idea that consuming fat should be avoided. Because of this many people have tried to lose weight by doing low fat diets. These diets focus on reducing or removing the fat from the persons diet in an attempt to lose weight and maintain their health. What is forgotten through this is that there are some fats that are good for us. Good fats are ones that are unsaturated. These include mono and polyunsaturated fats. To maintain a healthy body you must consume these fats. There are many natural sources of this good fat. Some excellent sources of this good fat are mackerel, salmon, sardines, tuna and other oily fish. It can also be found in unrefined vegetables and shellfish. Mussels and oysters are excellent options for shellfish that are high in unsaturated fat.

Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid. Eating the foods listed above is a great way to make sure you are consuming omega 3. These fatty acids help the body with cell development as well as maintenance of neurological and cell systedepms. There are many people in the medical profession that push the consumption of these essential fatty acids. They do so because consuming them aids in maintaining brain health. It is believed that mental health is correlated to this. EPA and DHA are chemicals that are found in omega 3 fatty acids. People who are depressed tend to have lower levels of these chemicals in their body. By consuming foods high in these fatty acids the levels may increase. There may not be noticeable positive results in people who suffer from moderate to mild depression. Because of the possibility of improving mental health it is worth eating these foods. There are omega 3 fatty acid supplements that can be taken for people who do not want to consume the foods high in them. There are no negative side effects from eating these foods or supplements. This makes it even more reasonable to consume them. Natural treatments for depression are sought after as medication can have many negative side effects. It is important to try this for yourself as your results will be different than others who consume the same thing. But always remember that mental illness requires professional help so even if you are using fish oil for mild depression be sure to do so under the supervision of a doctor.

Fish oil has many other benefits as well. Some of these include protection from Alzheimer's, stroke, cardiovascular disease and reduce risk of blood clots. It aids in the body's circulation, increases the body's resistance to infection and increases health of skin, hair and nails. Bones increase in strength when it is consumed. It is important for pregnant women to consume fatty acids. This helps their babies develop quicker and properly. If you choose to take a supplement you will want to find a high quality one. These supplements usually need to be taken three at a time two times per week. Once again, if suplementing with fish oil in pregnancy you should check with your doctor.

If you are interested in increasing or maintaining your health consuming these fatty acids is a great option. Not only will it increase your health but it will make your body stronger to fend off possible health issues in the future.