Nature's Touch Infant Swing


- easy to put together
- sturdy
- comfortable
- entertaining
- very secure
- multiple controls, to customize for your baby
- option to swing front to back, or side to side
- portable
- long battery life


- awkward to carry
- no A/C adapter
- A new one is a bit pricey, but worth it

Full Review

The Fisher-Price Brand is well known for all of their quality children products. The Nature's Touch Infant Swing is no exception to this rule. I purchased this for my first child when he was about a month old. At first glance it is a very nice product. It is a neutral color, so it's appropriate for a boy or girl, as well as any decor. Assembly is easy, the instructions are very clear and it only takes about 20 minutes. The swing has a wide stable base, so the swing is very sturdy. I feel very confident placing my son in it. The legs also collapse for storage or travel. It doesn't fold very flat, but it is portable, and fits in the back of my small SUV for trips to grandma's. The seat has lots of padding and a head rest. I know my son finds it very comfortable because he falls asleep in it almost everyday. There is a 3-point harness which is very secure, and a detachable tray with several toys to keep your little one entertained. The seat is attached to the base on a pivot, which allows the seat to swing from side to side, or front to back. There is a mobile with stuffed animals that rotates around a dome shatter-proof mirror, so your baby can see himself. Both of these will entertain your little one for hours! On the top of the swing are the controls to operate the swing. There are 6 different speeds, 7 different music selections, volume control, and the mobile controls. They are convenient to access, and easy to work. The swing uses 4 D batteries, but does not have an A/C adapter. The battery life is good, with name brand batteries I only have to change them about every 3 weeks. The price was the reason I held off on getting this right away, new they run about $120 - 150. I waited until it was on sale, and picked it up for about $75. With how much use I have gotten out of it, it would have been worth full price. You could also pick up a "pre-loved" like-new swing from a second hand or consignment store for about $60-80, depending on your area. This is a great product and I would recommend it to everyone, especially first time parents.

In Closing

This swing has literally been a life savor. I would tell any new parent, especially a first-time parent, to buy this as soon as possible. It is worth every penny!!