Going to the doctor is a normal part of life. It's something that fascinates little kids making it a great pretend play theme. But going to the doctor or a hospital is sometimes very scary for a young child. 

Playing with a toy medical kit like the Fisher Price Medical Kit isn't just something little kids love. It also helps them to feel less scared about going to the doctor. This makes a toy doctor kit an essential toy for pretend play at home. 

Fisher Price Medical Kit: A Review

Fisher-Price Medical Kit

The Fisher Price Medical Kit is a popular choice with parents for good reason. 

Because it's made for young children, kids aged 2 to 4 years love it.


  • It's easy for your child to play with because it's made for little hands. This means it will give your child the most amount of fun. 
  • The whole kit is brightly colored.  This makes the kit look less scary than the real thing. This will help your child to feel less scared about going to the doctor. It makes playing doctor more fun too. 

Fisher-Price Medical Kit

  • The kit has a stethoscope that lets your child hear their heart beating. But this is a toy for little kids made for durability and safety so it isn't clear sounding like a real stethoscope.
  • The blood pressure cuff has a spinning gauge which makes your child feel grown up. It has a big, easy-to-use cuff  so your child can wrap it around an arm. The big cuff means grown ups can be a "patient" too. Letting your child be your "doctor" is a wonderful pretend play activity you can both share. The cuff has velcro so it's easy for your child to play with you. But you might need to add some extra velcro so it stays on a child's so they can play with siblings and friends too. 

Fisher-Price Medical Kit

  • The syringe is spring loaded so your child feels like they are really injecting someone. But they won't hurt anyone if they push too hard by accident. Pretending like this can help your child feel less scared about real needles too.
  • The kit also has a bracelet style bandage.  This is great for your child because real bandages are too tricky for them to wrap around an arm or a leg. 
  • The kit also has a toy thermometer and pretend otoscope
  • The kit doesn't have a lab coat but this isn't essential

Being a Fisher Price toy the medical kit is well-made with good quality plastic.

  • It's durable so  it will last through a lot of play. (This is also important for your peace of mind too because broken toys can have safety risks.)
  • It is smooth to feel with no sharp edges your child might hurt themselves with.
  • It's durability means you can pass it down to younger children in your family when your child grows out of it. 
  • Everything fits in the soft carry bag which is easy for your child to open and close. But things can fall out because only a small piece of velcro closes it. This isn't a big problem at home but you might want to take care during travel so the pieces don't get lost. 

Fisher Price toys are trusted by parents because they are specialists in creating toys for little kids. This means they think about the essentials like safety and fun. You don't need to worry if it's safe for your child or if they will enjoy it like you need to do with an unknown brand.

So the Fisher Price Medical Kit is a great toy and a fun way to help your child become less scared of going to the doctor.