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There are so many toys on the market today that you may have a hard time choosing. I know I do and that is why my house is absolutely overrun with noisy, flashy, fun stuff! If you'd like to just stick to a few good ones then hopefully this article can help you out. I've chosen to review exclusively Fisher Price toys because there is such a wide selection and I own mostly FP toys! This article will focus on infant toys, see my other Fisher Price review for toddler and preschool toy reviews.

1.) Space Saver High Chair $55.00 (I know, not a toy, but an awesome product I wanted to share!!)

This little gem won Buzzilions Reviewers Choice Award for Best Overall High Chair and Booster for 2008. This thing is great! It straps onto your existing dining room chairs safely and securely. The best part is that you don't have this huge high chair sitting there that once the meal is over you have to find a place to shove it out of the way so that nobody trips over it! High chairs tend to be so bulky and cumbersome and this solves that problem. It is also much easier to store as it takes up much less room than a conventional high chair. If you're tight on space or just don't want to deal with the eyesore of a regular high chair, then I highly recommend this item.

2.) Little Superstar Sing-Along Stage $35.00 Ages 6 mos & up.

This toy was listed among Parents Magazine's Best Toys of 2007 and deservedly so! If your child is like my daughter, she loves to sing, dance, and look at herself in the mirror! The Sing-Along Stage is comprised mostly of a mirror that makes it look like your child is on stage performing for their fans. It comes complete with a microphone that does more than just look good. When your child shakes the microphone, it activates the stage to begin a new song or play one of the instruments. There are two different settings on this toy, one is an automatic setting for younger children that allows them to enjoy the music without having to push the buttons to play the music. Then there is a more manual setting for a little older child that allows them to have more control over what's happening. They can play the drums, guitar, piano or saxaphone independently to add their own touch to the music. My daughter spent a lot of time in front of this great little toy and it has brought her years of enjoyment - a great toy at a great price!

3.)The Jumperoo $110.00 5 mos & up

Oh, what can I say about this AWESOME toy?? It is quite possibly my all-time favorite! I recommend this toy to any new mom because it is a lifesaver and kids absolutely love it! It consists of a cloth, "hammock-like" seat that suspends your child until their feet just touch the ground. The seat is held up by 4 bungee cords. When your child jumps, they get great bouncing action that not only is a lot of fun but helps to build muscle strength and control. You won't feel guilty about putting your child in this when you want to get things done because they will have so much fun! It is height adjustable for longer use. As soon as your baby has good head control, you can put them in this seat and watch the good times bounce! Very small babies will need extra support in the way of receiving blankets that are rolled up and placed around their bodies.

4.) Go Baby Go Crawl-Along Drum Roll $17.00 6-36 mos

This is a cute little item that is good for crawling babies. It is a pair of "bongo-like" drums that you can click together so they are bottom-to-bottom and they roll on the floor. When they are in this configuration, the slightest roll from your baby sets them off in song and lights! Then you can open them up into the bongo style and they work like a real set of drums. When your child taps the top, they get an answering beat. A cute toy to have around and not too noisy!

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