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durable, fun, good prices, great quality


Can be hard for little ones to use!

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If you read part 1 of this review, you know what I'm all about! If you haven't yet, I'm reviewing all of my favorite Fisher Price toys that I own or have owned over the years & here's the link to part 1:

5.) Laugh & Learn Cookie Shape Surprise $17.00 6-36 mos

I wanted to love this toy so much and I was excited when I got it because who doesn't remember having a shape sorter when they were little? The problem is that it's impossible for little ones to use! Small children have a hard enough time finding the right shape for the right hole but these are almost impossible for small kids to push in! The issue here is that each "hole" has a button inside of it so that when the right shape is put through, they get a special song and the cookie jar reports the corresponding shape, color and number but the button is quite difficult to push. My daughter got very frustrated with this toy and never wanted to play with it. By the time she was strong enough and coordinated enough to push the shapes through, she was on to bigger and better things and this toy didn't interest her. So, while it's very cute and has neat features, it just isn't well thought out for the age group it's intended for!

6.) Laugh & Learn Music Player $12.00 6-36 mos

This is a fun little music player. It functions like a radio and has multiple buttons so that wherever your baby pushes, they get a surprise. It is also complex enough that a little older child will be interested in it. I was quite surprised at the number of songs it played. Most musical toys these days have about a 3 song limit, but this "radio" had quite a selection of songs and sound effects! It is at the perfect price to give as a gift and would work well while traveling to keep your little one entertained!

7.) Laugh & Learn Learning Phone $12.00 6-36 mos

This is another great little noisy toy! I always seemed to pick out any toy that made music or noise in some way! This phone is easy enough to use that a baby can bang away out of it and it will emit all sorts of noises! Then for a little older child, it has 3 settings - music, letters, and numbers! Other than that, it works much like a real phone where each button has a number and also some letters on it. In music mode it plays a wide array of sound effects and songs and it's just plain fun. This toy is also at a good gift-giving price and makes a good traveling toy as it's compact and easy to use!

8.) Brilliant Basics Rock A Stack $6.00 6 mos & up

There is a reason this classic is still around - kids LOVE it! Even though it's probably a little beyond the understanding of a 6 month old baby, they will still have fun playing with the brightly colored rings and as they grow, this toy is excellent for developing hand-eye coordination. This is one that you can take into the bath tub and the little rings will float - that's what my daughter does with it! I love any of the Brilliant Basics from Fisher Price, they are great classic and time-tested toys.

In Closing

I absolutely love Fisher Price and the quality and thoughtfulness of toys that they produce. I was sad to see that some of my favorites that I bought around 3-4 years ago are no longer part of their line-up and I therefore didn't bother reviewing! If you stick with Fisher Price when choosing a toy, you are getting the utmost in quality and durability and they do good research when trying to find out what kids like so you'll do well to choose one of their great products!

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