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Welcome to my Fisher Price reviews Pt. 3! This section will focus on toys for toddler to preschool age. If you missed Parts 1 & 2 which focused on baby toys, here's the link:

Let's get started shall we?? I absolutely love Fisher Price and believe that they put out some of the best stuff on the market. As a mother of 3, my house is overrun with toys and most of my favorites come from Fisher Price. The following is just a review of some of the ones that I own and have seen my kids interact with.

1.) Go Baby Go Bounce & Spin Zebra $40.00 12-36 mos

This toy won the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award for 2006, the Toy Wishes Buying Guide All Stars in 2006, the American Baby Magazine's Best New Toys in 2006 and the Toys R Us Hot Toy for 2006. What can I say about this toy except for - it's a blast!! When my daughter got this for her 1st birthday, she was too small to use it (she was exceptionally small for her age!!) but by the time she was 2, she was riding this zebra like crazy! I will warn you that it is VERY noisy! When your child bounces on it, it sounds like a herd of elephants is coming to town in a hurry but it is so much fun! Instead of having to strain your leg playing "horsey" with your child, you can put them on this and they can bounce away!. It's also durable which is important in a toy that will take this much abuse! I also think it is an awesome price on such a cool toy - I highly recommend this one if you can handle a the noise and like to see your kids have a lot of fun!

2.) Rock, Roll N' Ride Trike $50.00 1-5 years

I picked up this trike because my daughter was old enough to ride a trike but wasn't quite coordinated or strong enough to pedal and maneuver it herself. I wanted a way that she could get the feel of riding but I could still steer it for her. It's also great for kids that don't want to sit in a stroller but their mom still wants to go for a walk. It is kind of a pain to put together, so if you don't have the patience for that sort of thing, you may want to look into something that is pre-assembled! We started this one out as a rocker and my daughter thought this was great! We just had it in the living room and she would crawl on top of it and go to town! The first time we took it out, I noticed how bulky it was. If you have a very small car and you want to take it to the park like I did, you may have trouble getting this toy into your trunk. As soon as we got to the park, I switched it from rocking to riding which was very easy to do - thank goodness! So off we went… the first issue I noticed was that if my daughter turned the handlebars to either side, it was much more difficult for me to steer and I was constantly straightening her out. Then I noticed another problem - the foot pegs that she used to put her feet on isn't stationary. If she pushed it back at all, which she constantly did, it would fold backwards and her feet would fall off or the toes of her shoes dragged on the ground. I didn't get to enjoy my walk much as I spent the whole time straightening out the handlebars or putting her feet back on the pegs. As far as using it for a trike, I never got to that point because she got another trike the next spring and we didn't use this one again. I can see an immediate problem though, the tires are hard plastic and wouldn't get much grip on grass or dirt. It would work fine on concrete or pavement, but off-roading is off-limits!

3.) My First Dollhouse $40.00 2 & up

I thought this was such a darling little dollhouse and all the parts and pieces are safe for 2 year olds, whereas most others are for 3 and up. My advice is to just get one of the 3 and up houses - don't waste your money here! The house comes with a mommy, daddy and baby. It also comes with a dining room set, fridge & stove, and toilet. If you want additional rooms, they will set you back $10 each and are pretty limited in their features. There also isn't really room in the dollhouse rooms for the furniture. We bought the baby's room furniture which was a crib, papasan chair, and a rocking chair. Speaking of the chairs, it will be quite difficult for your 2 year old to get the people to sit in the chairs without falling out, they have to be just so in order to stay in their seats. In my opinion, this toy was a major fail for Fisher Price and I'm truly surprised that it's still in their product lineup! Steer clear of this one and just go for the Loving Family Dollhouse, that way you can just remove the pieces that you feel aren't safe for your child and put them back in later as your child matures!

4.) Corn Popper $12 1 & up

Oh my, what to say about this toy? I have a personal hate-hate relationship with this one! It is one of those things that after your child plays with it for 2 minutes, the noise is so annoying that you want to throw it in the trash. The kids though, LOVE this thing!!! It is a great outside toy and it is incredibly durable - much to my chagrin! The sound is quite indescribable but it is insanely loud and children never seem to tire of it! If you don't mind noise, this is an all-time favorite of kids everywhere - I can remember playing with it when I was a kid! This one is fun to give as a gift and see the mom's eyes widen in horror!

In Closing

I absolutely love Fisher Price and the quality and thoughtfulness of toys that they produce. I was sad to see that some of my favorites that I bought around 3-4 years ago are no longer part of their line-up and I therefore didn't bother reviewing! If you stick with Fisher Price when choosing a toy, you are getting the utmost in quality and durability and they do good research when trying to find out what kids like so you'll do well to choose one of their great products!

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