Information on Fisher Price Toys

To start our information of fisher price and the facts lets go back to the very beginning.  No not Eden.  It was the year 1930 and Irving L. Price had just retired from his role at the FW Woolworth Company.  He was actually the mayor of East Aurora in New York State and was looking for something new to get his teeth into.  He came into contact with a toy maker called Herman G. Fisher and that set the wheels in motion. 


The first Fisher-price toy sold anywhere was the Dr. Doodle, which in 1931 cost parents around $3, whereas that same toy today could attract sales exceeding $1,000.  That's the mass appeal over the generations that fisher-price toys have.  Collectors are always looking for that piece of magical toy history – the art of collecting has been with us for many years now and regardless if you are collecting vinyl records, antiques or buying sports cards, the magic of this fascinating hobby will remain forever.

Facts Fisher Price Toys

Over the last 70 plus years, around 5,000 different fisher price toys have been made for children from birth to the age of 5.  One interesting fact about fisher-price toys is that they last much longer than their successors or any other modern brands.  Also, fisher price toys have a timeless quality - that is a fact and this is the reason why their reputation is so strong, they offer value for money and will always be a smart shopping, in fact you can save even more money on the internet.


A rather wondrous little fact about fisher-price toys and it's scope, is that the Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone has been more than 26 million peoples first ever telephone since the early 60's.  Another fact about fisher-price toys is that that particular telephone is the only one if shops with a rotating dial, rather than the more modern digital buttons!!


It is an interesting fact regarding Fisher-price that if you were to do a survey of American citizens overall, they would all respond that they knew the brand fisher-price, parents in particular.  Fisher-Price toys have always been about facts and information and giving these facts and information about things in the grown up world, but putting a playful spin on it all.


Toy Safety

It is a fact that Fisher-price cares what their customers think of their toys.  Take for an example the fact that Fisher-price employs the help of kids as testers to make sure new lines are as great as they can be – toy safety for children is guaranteed with a fisher price toy - but without excluding the parents, they invite at least 1,000 to east aurora, from the local area usually, to come and have a look at the toys.  They also seek the advice of around 8,000 women every year, from across the globe.


Creative Process

The creative storm that is the designers of Fisher-price don't seem to let up when it's time to make some new toys.  Every year they put forth plans for well in excess of 2,500 concepts, with around 200 of those actually making it to the manufacturing stage.  When they have been successful manufactured, they are ready for usability tests.  These are cited as some of the most rigorous in the industry.  For instance the Fisher-price tricycles, every last one that is produced, are tested over 100 miles on a pavement simulator!


It's the care and attention to detail that makes Fisher-price the number one choice for toddler toys, fact.  Ever since Mr. Price and Mr. Fisher joined forces, it's also a fact that millions upon millions of children have found joy from their toys.