Fisher Price iXL Learning system


First off yes, this toy is durable. Fisher Price makes it knowing little hand sometimes drop things. There is a cover you can close to protect the LCD screen when it is not in use. The iXL comes in three colors, Pink, Blue and Silver. There is volume control so parents won't be too easily annoyed by the fact their child will play with this over and over again.

There is a lot to keep a child busy on this.

1 . Games: There is already one downloaded game on the iXL. You can purchase many other games tailored to the child's tastes. There are games out there with charaacters ranging from Handy Manny to Beuty and the Beast.

2. Reader: There is already one downloaded story on the reader. You can purchase more if you would like. The reader has two modes, reading and interactive.

3. MP3 Player: There is one learning song already downloaded on the player. You can place more of your child's favorites on the Fisher Price iXL Learning System by downloading them. And don't worry there is a volume control!

4. Notebook: The Notebook is cool because you child can trace over numbers and letters.

5. Art Studio: Your child can create colorful pictures in the LCD screen by a touch of the stylus. Also you can use the stampers that come with the learning center on this unit.

6. Photo Albulm: The Fisher Price iXL Learning system comes with three pictures already on it. You can download more pictures from your computer. And what's more is that you can draw or trace over the pictures. Mom and Dad be ready for you mustaches!


There are not too many drawbacks to this learnign system. You must have access to a computer in order to download the games and the reader you purchase. Parent reviews also mention that the game is powered by three AA Batteries which give a continuous usage of three to four hours.

If you intend to keep several games and readers on it you will have to purchase an SD card that comes seperately.

One parent mentioned this can be improved upon if there was a carrying case developed with it.

Full Review

The Fisher Price iXL Learning System is targeted towards the preschool- kindergarten children. This little learning device is a small hand held device that opens like a book. On the inside is a 3.5 inch LCD screen and a speaker. The stylus that comes with the iXL operates the touch pad. Your child can have up t to Six differnt activities to do. The Fisher Price iXL Learning System comes with a reader, an MP3 player, a notebook, games, and an art studio. Before you start to think this will be too much for your child, think again. The parent reviews state even their three year old child has no problem navigating through the touch screens

In Closing

The Fisher Price iXL Learning System has been caled an IPad for Preschoolers. One parent even stated that she is able to use her I Phone more because heer chidl is too busy playing with the iXL.. Parents are amazed at how easy their children navigate through the system. Parents and children alike love this toy!