There are many different types of fishing chairs that anglers can find to add a little bit of extra comfort for those long days on the river or lake. Some people are familiar with these beneficial bits of outdoor gear, while others never even thought about whether something like an actual fishing chair even existed. One of the first things that an angler has to decide is what type of seat they're looking for. Do you need new vinyl fishing seats for the boat, or are you looking for something that you can carry with you along the shore? Obviously these two outdoor anglers would need two very different types of fishing chairs to meet their individual needs.

Portable fishing chairs are one of the most common types that avid fishermen go for. Many of these are the same thing as folding chairs. They're made of cheaper material, can be found for $30 at a local store, and have a cup holder for your beverage of choice. There are a few chairs of this type that are made of slightly sturdier material, have adjustable leg settings, and can hold a larger amount of weight. If the extra-curricular beverages while fishing have helped create a beer gut, you might want to consider one of the sturdier brands of folding fishing chairs. Otherwise if fishing is just a sometimes thing, then maybe the cheap options are fine.

Sometimes someone who is referring to fishing chairs is talking about new seats to install in a boat. Simple boats can have spinning chairs attached right on to the bench sections that you will otherwise be sitting on in a really cheap fishing vessel. Better boats should come with nice swivel fishing chairs, preferably with cooler space underneath, but if they don't, many of these chairs are still removable and can be replaced with an upgrade. Why settle for an uncomfortable seat when you are going to be sitting in the boat for hours on end?

Good fishing chairs come in all shapes and sizes, and with a wide array of designs. Even some of the cheap portable folding fishing chairs that you can find in a K-Mart or Wal-Mart can come with water proof cooler space built right in. For some people, this fishing gear might not seem very important, but there is a big difference between types of fishing. If you're casting out for carp, you could be sitting down for a very long time. In that situation, it would be really nice to have a place to sit down and rest the knees, legs, and back.

Fishing is a great hobby, and there's no reason that an angler can't enjoy the great outdoors just as much while kicking back in a fishing chair.