Fishing: Morrow Bay…Third Stop


By: J. Marlando

There is good fishing all over the United Sates and Mark reminds me that one of his favorite fishing holes is right here in California. He loves ocean fishing however and, for that matter, the ocean. Here’s a picture of him on his sail boat Every now and then he will take me sailing with him. Here we are off the coast of Ventura, California. I’m more mature,  good looking one in the photo


Both my wife and I love to fish the ocean too but, down deep, I am a river fisherman—rivers/streams and lakes. And speaking of rivers and streams, some of my best fishing experiences were in Wyoming, Colorado and Utah. My wife wants to learn fly fishing but I’m a lazy fisherman—I like to toss my line in, lean back on a patch of grass and simply enjoy. If I feel a tug on the line I move into action but, otherwise, I may just pop open a beer, grin at the sky and let the time pass. Now to me, that’s fishing!

Before we get into Mark’s adventure, I’d like to talk about California’s inland fishing a little. If you live in California or are just visiting Lake Almanormor(117015) is a beautiful spot to fish either from shore or your boat.  Small mouth bass and trout populate the water there and it really is a great place to take your family for a camping trip—there are places for tents and RVs! And, the lake as well as nearby streams yield trout, bass, catfish and even salmon to a name a few species of fish. I love it up there!

Lake Shasta mor(117016)is also a great adventure with lots of fish waiting for your frying pan but in case they prove to be too smart for you, there are nearby rivers to fill your basket with trout.

I haven’t been to Lake Tahoe for years but I have friends who love going there. As for me, I get about as far as a poker table in Reno and…well, there goes my fishing trip. Nevertheless, even if you don’t fish, Lake Tahoe is just some great scenerymor(117017) to behold even in winter but fishing is best during the summer months.

If you’re a river rat as I am, you’ll have a great time fishing the Kern Rivermor(117018). For one thing, it’s only a few hours of driving from L.A. but California can have some strict rules on limits for both streams and lakes so find out what they are where you purchase your fishing license. And finally Deep Creekmor(117019) and Bear Creek mor(117020)are great fishing holes, so to speak. To get to Deep Creek take the Main Street exit off interstate 15, and keep going into the City of Hesperia, If your map flies out the window or you don’t have one, ask a local and just about anyone will guide you directly to the fishing. (Hesperia, incidentally, is a nice little town located in the Mojave Desert in San Bernardino County just 8 miles south of Victorville—find one you’ve darned near found the other!)

Anyway, back to Mark and Morro Bay.


Morro Bay is about half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It’s a scenic drive all the way. Mark says he generally spends some rest-up and cleanup time in a local motel but the fishing boat leaves at midnight and the fishing starts at 5 a.m. in the morning. The goal is to catch a few tasty, albacore tuna but any good catch will do.

Before we cast a line off the fishing boat Mark is on, I want to mention too that peer fishing at Morro Bay is some of the best along the entire coast. Folks who fish from the peer catch black perch, rockfish and flatfish and now and then will bag a halibut. (The nightlife is great fun too!)

There is a great campground just south of Morro Rock. The town is filled with small boutiques and shops. There are a lot of restaurants along the beach and also downtown. If you bring your wife and she does not enjoy fishing, there will be plenty for her to do while you are bringing in the big ones.

Not far up the coast is Hearst Castle if you are planning to spend more than one night in the area.

Okay, back to my friend Mark. Here’s a photograph of him and his buddies catchNeed I say more?



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