The variety of lakes, rivers and coastal areas in the state of Washington make it a popular travel destination for people who enjoy fishing.  Silver Lake is just one of the many options for places to fish in the state of Washington, but many anglers visit it throughout the year as it is a popular spot to catch bass according to the Washington Lakes website.  Before heading out to the lake though there are some things you should know about fishing at Silver Lake in the state of Washington.


Get a license.  Anyone that is 15 years of age or older is required by Washington state law to have a license to fish at Silver Lake.  This license can easily be obtained online by visiting the website of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and filling out the online license application.  Anglers also have the option of calling the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife at 866-246-9453 or visiting one of the more than 600 license retail locations across the state to obtain their fishing license.  To fish at Silver Lake, you need to purchase a freshwater fishing license.  However you might consider purchasing a combination license as this allows you to fish in freshwater areas, such as Silver Lakes, as well as saltwater areas along the coast of Washington.


Know the fishing laws.  The state of Washington annually produces a pamphlet that contains all of the fishing rules and regulations that each person is expected to abide by when fishing at Silver Lake.  It is your responsibility as an angler to read and learn these rules before heading out to the lake for your next fishing trip.  You can access the pamphlet from the website of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife or pick up a copy of the regulations from any of the 600 sporting stores, bait and tackle shops or other locations where you can purchase a license.  If you have any questions about the regulations listed in the pamphlet, it is your responsibility to get clarification by contacting the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s regulation hotline at 360-902-2500. 


Learn the limits.  Review the catch and possession limits that are specific to Silver Lake before you go fishing to ensure you catch and possess only what you are allowed to.  Some fish in Silver Lake have a daily limit.  For example, anglers are allowed to catch and possess five largemouth bass each day.  Other fish, such as crappie and perch, don’t have any catch or possession limits.  Daily limits for each type of fish at Silver Lake are posted in the rules and regulations pamphlet and on the website of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. 


Find the lake.  Silver Lake is located in the southwestern part of Washington State in Cowlitz County.  Anglers access it by traveling east on Highway 504 after exiting Interstate 5.  Silver Lake is open year-round making any time during the year a great time to take a fishing vacation.