If you go fishing on a regular basis, you will know that you will need to have and own lots of different pieces of fishing tackle. Fishing tackle these days is not cheap, especially if you want to own all the latest and best pieces of tackle that will allow you to catch the most fish possible. Sure you can buy cheap tackle, but if you are like me you will like to own the best stuff possible. The downside to this is the cost.

Match anglers especially will spend thousands of pounds just on a pole alone. But the surprising thing about this is, most anglers keep their fishing tackle stored in places which are very easy to get into. A large percentage of anglers will store their expensive fishing gear in their wooden sheds. Which to be perfectly honest with you, can be broken into within seconds.

The main reason most people store their gear in their sheds and garages is the simple FACT that fishing gear can stink and can get extremely dirty especially if you use the stuff during poor weather.

If you want to protect your expensive fishing gear, why not consider getting yourself fishing tackle insurance cover. In the UK there are quite a few different companies out there that will supply you with a years full insurance cover for well under 100 pounds. This amount is peanuts when you have thousands of pounds worth of fishing tackle in your garden shed or garage that you want to cover.

Think about it for one moment, how would you feel if all of your fishing gear, was stolen and you needed to replace them all. But, you wasn't covered by insurance and you had to buy all your gear with your hard earned cash. You would actually find, that a lot of people would give up the sport, if they had to buy all of their fishing gear from scratch all over again.

Benefits To Buying Fishing Tackle Insurance Cover In The UK

The main benefit to getting insurance is obviously replacement fishing tackle should your gear be stolen. But some insurers will offer you many more benefits than this as well. For example some fishing insurance company's will actually buy and replace gear that you break whilst out on the bank. How many times have you seen a big fish break someones rod, or when you have seen accidents occur where rod and poles have been broken accidentally.

Other benefits of having fishing insurance is cover not just for day fishing trips, but for night fishing trips as well. If you are fishing for specimen carp in the UK, night fishing is one of the most popular ways of doing it. You only need to visit any of the UK'S popular carping venues on an evening to see bivvie after bivvies set up. Night fishing for carp is very popular, but because you will be fishing in darkness, you and your fishing gear is more prone to accidents and damage.

Because of this fact, not all fishing insurance companies in the UK, offer cover the night fishing. So if you are a night fisherman make sure that you buy a policy which will cover you for, your night fishing trips.