Fashion which has been adapted from century old fishing tackle can produce some of the most wanted accessories

Most fishing tackle has been around for years, centuries actually - Nothing 'revolutionary' has come about in the last 10 years or more - its all really a development on what we've already got, just tweaking a product here and there or utilising a newer, more sustainable or user friendly material.

The biggest thing that I think to hit the fishing market has been in the recent years, the inclusion of Nano technology within the process of blending carbon to roll out fishing rods. Basically what It does is allow more carbon to be packed into the 'blank' of the rod, creating a stronger, more reliable tool. Anyway, enough of that.

Fishing tackle has recently made its way on to the catwalk. Most commonly seen are women modelling fishing waders, feathers and lures.

Feathers, have been the latest fishing tackle material incorporated within the fashion industry. Used as hair extensions, cockerel plumes which anglers wind around hooks to give a spiky or elongated effect are clipped into hair to give a pronounced colour change.. One of the favourites among people who wear feather extensions is 'Grizzle' hackle - a black and white banding affect and when dyed with fluorescent dye the white takes on a fluorescent glow. Imagine that in a nightclub with UV lights?

From Ava Gardner to Ewan McGregor, some of the worlds most famous and beautiful people have worn fishing waders  - Ever seen 'The river runs through it' with Brad Pitt? On the fishing circuit waders are the 'holy grail' of fishing clothing - some are better than others and made from different types of material, the overall best being gore-tex, which has a very high pressure tolerance of which they are subject to when immersed under water.

Women like pretty things and its more than a coincidence that pretty things are shiny... Diamonds & pearls being the most attractive, right? Fishing lures are shiny and highly resemble ladies earrings, a spoon or blade is attached to the front of a spinner - this has created a trend that colourful and shiny spoons and blades, usually used to get the attention from nearby trout, bass or other predatory fish, have now proven to attract the eye of women. Like those found on chandelier type earrings. Some I must say are quite attractive and enticing. The spinners, not the earrings of course.

Women wearing fishing waders

Women in waders