Fishing With Rooster Tails

Rooster Tails are a great spinner choice for many fishermen, but choosing the right size and color can sometimes be a bit confusing. Here are a few general tips to keep in mind when buying Rooster Tails. Remember, these are suggestions, and there are always exceptions.


When thinking about the size of Rooster Tail you plan to buy, think about the type of fish you are targeting. Remember, a Rooster Tail is meant to mimic a small fish or minnow. Therefore, think about what size would work best for the type of fish you are targeting. In general, if you are trout fishing in small streams or rivers, 1/32, 1/24, and 1/16 oz. Rooster Tails work best. If you are targeting bass and stripers, however, you would want to get a heavier Rooster Tail. 1/8, 1/4, and 1/2 oz. Rooster Tails work best in these situations.


Rooster Tails either have a treble hook (more than one) or a single hook. This is a matter of a preference, but some rivers and streams prohibit the use of treble hooks because they increase the risk or harming the fish. This is especially true in rivers and streams where there is a catch-and-release policy. Just make sure you check with your local DNR before you go fishing.


Rooster tails come in a variety of colors, from natural colors like black and brown, to more vibrant colors like yellow and purple. Although there is no one best color to choose, there are few guidelines that do work well for most fishermen. If you are fishing trout (especially native trout) in rivers and streams, you would want to choose a natural color like brown, black, or white. If you are fishing for bass and stripers on lakes where the water is not as clear, vibrant colors generally work better. Neon green, in particular, is a great color to use when fishing near dams and other structure for bass.

Use a Swivel

A good tip to keep in mind when fishing with a Rooster Tail is to use a swivel. A Rooster Tail is a spinner bait, and when it spins in the water it creates line twist. The best way to avoid this is to use a swivel. You can buy a barrel swivel, but using a snap swivel allows you to quickly change lures while you are fishing.


Rooster Tails are a great choice for fishing. Keep these tips in mind when using and purchasing Rooster Tails, but remember that it is always best to have a variety on hand so you can experiment. Fish are different everywhere, and the type of Rooster Tail that might work on one stream won’t work as well on the other.

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