Are you looking for an exciting outdoor hobby? Then you should consider trout fishing, a fun and challenging sport fishing that most people can learn. Especially trout fishing using a lure or spinners is a method that will suit even the inexperienced angler.

The equipment needed for trout fishing you can get at affordable prices. A rod intended for lures ranging from 3 – 15 grams, and a suitable reel is of course needed. Also you will need a line that fits your other gear and the size of trout you are looking for. Finally you will need some spoons, lures and spinners. Normally you will get better quality and a better fishing experience if you choose expensive equipment, but it is by no means necessary.

What lures to use is a rather difficult question to answer.  This because factors like local conditions, weather conditions, time of year, as well as what trout naturally feed on will influence what will be the best choice. A general advice is to try different spoons and spinners. Try different shapes and colors and do not be afraid to try out your own ideas. Variation is often the key to successful trout fishing. Notice that many anglers claim that you should use dark colors in dark weather and brighter colors in bright conditions.

Notice that the size and weight of lures generally are the most important factor when choosing equipment. First and foremost the size should be adapted to your rod. This will enable you to achieve longer and more accurate casting. Also you should adjust your spoons and spinners to the trout you are looking to catch. A small trout will generally speaking not bite on bigger lures, while it could be difficult to hook large trout when using small lures.

If you ask ten anglers which lure to choose for trout fishing, you will most likely get ten different answers. This is mainly because everyone has their own favorite and because there are no absolute rules regarding this sport fishing. Here are some tips that might be helpful when choosing this type of fishing gear.

Some knowledge of the depths, currents and similar conditions that will affect your sport fishing will be helpful. If you are looking for trout in rivers, strong currents or deep water will require that you use heavier lures, while trout fishing in calm and shallow water requires smaller spoons or spinners.

Regarding shapes and color the solution might be to choose lures that match the natural environment in the area you are fishing. The use of colors and shapes that mimic insects and other prey will often be a good choice. If the trout feed on a particular insect, it may be wise to use a small spinner to imitate this particular insect. The general rule is that you should customize your spinners and lures to the prevailing conditions. But as mentioned, there are no absolute rules and variation is often the key to succeed. Also patience is important when you are fishing trout.