It is possible to go pike fishing with any fishing gear and you don’t need any specialist fishing tackle, well nothing that is going to cost more than a few bucks anyway. So, if your main target
species is bream, tench, roach, bass or any other type of fish it is perfectly possible to buy some wire traces, a few lures and some treble hooks and go out to try and land some northern pike.

Using general coarse fishing equipment is fine, however it is not ideal and not advisable. Pike are a formidable predator that can grow extremely large. Pike also like the cover of reeds, weed patches,
lilies and other submerged debris on the river bed, which means when you hook a pike you are usually going to have to battle it out of its cover, which is going to take some strong fishing line of a high breaking strain.

When you use heavy line you are going to need a large fixed spool reel to hold it, a large lure or heavy bait to be able to cast it and a powerful rod to be able to cast the heavy lure or bait. As you
can see, if you uprate one part of the tackle you are going to have to uprate everything else to make it all work. Have you tried casting a 2lbs dead bait a hundred yards on a roach pole? Don’t try this because it won’t work and you will end up breaking the pole.

When pike fishing you are going to need specialist fishing tackle to catch those monster pike. This means a powerful pike rod with a test curve of at least 2lbs, a large fixed spool reel of the “big pit” variety and heavy line of at least 15lbs breaking strain. Catching specimen carp and catfish also requires heavy tackle, so if you have some specimen carp tackle this is more than adequate in tackling large pike, however you may need to change the line for something a bit stronger. In addition to the rod, reel and line you are also going to need a large landing net, an unhooking mat, wire traces, treble hooks, lures, forceps and a variety of sinkers, ledgers, weights, split shot and bombs.

If your target are small jack pike, i.e. young ones, you can get away with using a specimen rod, i.e. one designed for bream and tench, a medium sized fixed spool reel and line of around 6lbs – 8lbs
breaking strain. Small pike on this lighter tackle provides great fun and you will get a really good scrap. This outfit is not ideal to hunt out larger pike as it is simply not heavy enough. If you are fortunate enough, or maybe that should be unfortunate enough, to hook a large pike on this light outfit you are going to have to be careful and take your time in getting the fish to the bank. On light tackle it is not possible to bully the fish out of the water, therefore you are going to have to let the pike take line when it wants to and be patient. Even when you are fishing for small jack pike it is definitely worth using heavier fishing tackle just in case you end up hooking a monster pike.  After all, it would be gut wrenching to lose fish of a lifetime purely because you couldn’t be bothered to
use some heavier fishing gear.

So, when pike are your target you really do need to use the right equipment and use fishing tackle needed to land monster pike. It makes no difference whether you are aiming to lure fish for the small jack pike or punch out a large dead bait for the
monster pike, you need to make sure you have the right rod, the right reel and line that is heavy enough to deal with any pike you catch.