Fishing in Idaho can be a great experience, but can also be very frustrating. There are so many options of paces to fish that combined with all the tackle and bait set-ups that you may find yourself skunked. If you are a first time fisherman in Idaho or just passing through for the day there are a few tips to help you “catch your limit” for the days fishing.

Read the Fish and Game Regulations

A copy of the Idaho Fish and Game regulations is available at most sporting goods store as well as any store that sells fishing licenses. The Fish and Game regulations can help you to find potential spots to fish as well as help you to identify some of the species that you can catch in Idaho. Idaho has numerous species of fish that are both native to Idaho and also non-native. The graphic illustrations in the Idaho Fish and Game manual will help you to identify some of the more common fish species that you may run across.

Talk to the Locals

The best way to find a good spot to fish that is popular is to talk with the locals. A quick visit to the local coffee shop and a few questions to some of the locals having their morning cup of coffee can help to get you on the right track. This information can be invaluable, but it could also be worthless if the boys at the coffee shop decided to play a prank on you and guide you to the local septic intake facility.

Buy Bait from a local bait shop instead of a big box store such as Wal-Mart

Once you speak with some locals at the coffee shop you may be armed with a possible fishing site or two. You then need to head down to a local bait and tackle shop. They can advise if the recommended places are good spots or not for you to visit. The bait and tackle shop can then help arm your tackle box and fishing rod with all of the needed accessories for the day of fishing.

Schedule Plenty of Time

You do not want to be rushed when you arrive at the fishing hole. You may need some time to find the spot, set up your rod, and find a tree to use as a privy. If you are rushed then oftentimes you will fish aggressively, even when the fishing conditions do not call for this. The more time you have, the more patience you will have and in theory the more fish caught.

Bring Extra Tackle

It is much better to bring too much tackle as opposed to running out. You will snag your line and lose gear. Some areas will have you re-rigging your fishing line every 10 minutes or so. You need to have ample equipment in order to fish. If you run out of hooks then you will be screwed unless you have befriended a friendly local who may be willing to share or sell some of his or her fishing gear.

Be Willing to Adapt to Change

Oftentimes our fishing methods are locked in to our cerebral membrane like a piece of flint in a Velcro in a hook a loop enclosure. We may tie out hooks and weights to the fishing line using the same method that our fathers taught us when we were young children. Our fathers may have learned this method from their fathers who also use this method. You daddy’s methods of rigging a rod and reel may work great in Idaho, but then again a different type of set-up may be much more efficient in catching fish.

If the bait shop or a fellow fisherman teaches you a new method of rigging your pole, you will feel a sense of pride and authority when the rig becomes a lethal weapon of attracting and catching Idaho fish.

Fishing is an ongoing education, so you need to make sure you are willing to adapt and learn new methods of rigging your line and using various weights, sinkers, slides, and other artificial lures.

Honey LemonadeBring Food and Drinks

Nothing sucks more than being thirsty and hungry while you are fishing. Make sure you bring a cooler filled with ice and your favorite drinks. The only thing worse than no drinkage is having to drink super hot soda pop to drink. Bring a cooler and stock it full with ice, water, and soda pop. You favorite drinks will help you to pass the time regardless of if you are catching fish or not. If you need to leave the fishing hole early because you are hungry then you may miss opportunities to actually catch some fish.

Jacket and Clothing

Make sure that you bring a comfrtable jacket in case you get chilly. It is also smart to wear a pair of shoes such as the Keen Newport H2 Sandals. The Keen Newport sandals will allow you to walk into the water and rapidly dry off.


Don’t be one of those fishermen who get irritated whenever another fellow fisherman sets up within 100 yards of your fishing spot. You should embrace any and all fisherman and encourage them to fish near you. This will give you someone to socialize with and allow you to possible learn invaluable informati0on about where and how they normally catch fish in the waters you are fishing.

Another benefit is that if you run out of night crawlers, split-shot, or even soda pop then you fellow fisherman may be able to help you out. If you have been friendly and congenial to this person then they may go out of their way to help you. If you land a massive fish they can help you to land it and even take you picture with you.


Bring a camera with you. If you are lucky enough to land a sturgeon you can catch a picture of it in the water. Idaho Sturgeon cannot be removed from the waters or harvested, so a picture may be the only proof you have of the massive fish you just caught.

Folding Camp Chair

A comfortable folding camp chair is vital to your comfort. You can fish longer and catch more fish if you bring a folding camp chair with you. Make sure you buy a quality camp chair that will comfortable support you and not collapse under your weight. You may even find room to take this behemoth camping chair that will hold an entire 6 pack in the arms.