The FitFlop is a summer favourite for toning the lower body, improving the posture and keeping the feet in total comfort. However when the summer fades to grey and the temperatures plummet, they are not best suited. Toning sandals are all well and good in the warmth of the summer sun, but for the winter the toes get somewhat left out in the cold. However not any more, for FitFlop boots have arrived, and they look just as sexy as the FitFlop summer sandal collection.

As you would expect from a brand famed for comfort, FitFlop boots carry on the fine tradition. If you have not had the joy of a pair of FitFlops under your feet, you have yet to experience what true comfort really is. The super soft midsole in the shoes provides great cushioning, however the comfort is not confined to the feet, with the joints throughout the lower body benefiting from the excellent shock absorption which the midsole offers.

FitFlop Mukluk boots

The midsole is the powerhouse of the shoes toning properties. All FitFlop shoes feature the famed Microwobbleboard in the midsole, the section between the rugged tread of the outsole and the soft interior lining next to the feet. The Microwobbleboard is a celebration of what can be achieved with EVA foam if you really put your mind to it. Constructed out of three different foam rubber densities, each section of the midsole is tasked with a different purpose. The heel features the highest density foam, and offers the robustness to cope with the heel strike and absorbs the shockwaves which are generated. The mid section is where the toning is triggered, with the super soft low density foam introducing instabilities to which the body compensates by activating more muscles. Finally in the toe, medium density foam creates a firm base for the push off, yet is still highly cushioned for comfort.

FitFlop Inuk

With all that foam underfoot, FitFlop offer the utmost in comfort, however they offer much more than comfort. The design is such that foot pressure concentration is altered, easing the strain on the feet, and most importantly, on the joints of the toes. The shoes actually reduce the pressure on the toes by up to 30%. If you suffer from bunions or hammer toes, you will appreciate how beneficial this is. The heads of the metatarsals are not designed to cope with high levels of pressure, and when excess force is placed on the joints, the body reacts by laying down more bone, the toes can become misaligned, and bunions can form. FitFlop help to reduce the likelihood of these deformities by lowering the pressure on the joints, and also by aligning the bones of the feet correctly.

FitFlop Snugger boots

If you are on your feet all day, FitFlop boots take the strain out of standing and walking, helping to keep the lower body feeling great. Whether you wear them for work or for hitting the malls, sore and tired feet become a thing of the past. The relief from the shockwaves of walking works wonders for those with troublesome joints. Cartilage problems are eased, arthritic joints become less painful, and walking becomes a pleasure. The list of painful bone and muscle conditions which the shoes relieve is exhaustive, with the shoes being universally beneficial for all common foot complaints. However for most people, the main reason why they turn to FitFlop in the first place is to get help with weight loss and to improve body tone, with the exceptional comfort being a pleasant surprise when the shoes arrive in the post.

FitFlop Gogh

Now, you are not going to shed weight overnight; but the shoes will help to increase muscle activity and get you burning more calories. For improving body tone, the shoes and boots are first rate. Independent tests at the University of Salford and London South Bank University in the UK have demonstrated that the shoes not only significantly reduce the pressures in the feet and the joints, but will get up to 30% more toning to the buttocks, 16% to the hamstrings and 11% to the calves. The Microwobbleboard even helps to change the posture, correcting the walking gait and allowing the body to move efficiently as nature intended.

FitFlop boots banner

However as good as the FitFlop boots, sandals and slippers are, style is important if you are to get the maximum wear out of them. The sandals have won many fans, attracted to the fashionable styles, providing a shoe for all occasions. As you would expect, the boots are pretty cool too. There are four lines currently produced: the FitFlop Mukluk is a celebration of soft suede, with the ankle boot style offering pure comfort, and a sheepskin lining for exceptional warmth. If you prefer calf boots, there is the FitFlop Inuk, with the same suede and Shearling sheepskin construction taking toastiness and snugness up a level.

For winter snow and ice, the FitFlop Snugger offers a moon boot style, ideal for the coldest weather with excellent grip to keep you on your feet over snow and ice. However the latest offering brings full grain leather to the FitFlop range, with ankle and calf boots indistinguishable from any high quality fashionable leather boots. FitFlop Superboots are nothing like toning shoes, and offer style, pure sophistication and class.

Of course for the weeks in between summer sandal and winter boot weather, you can always choose FitFlop Clogs, or even the latest line of FitFlop trainers -FitFlop Supertone shoes, of you can just stick with your FitFlop sandals and put up with cold toes.

Whatever the occasion and whatever the weather, with FitFlop you have toning shoes for all seasons, and with the exquisite style provided, not only will your legs and buttocks start to look the business, but your feet will look quite splendid too!