A Brief History Of FitFlop Toning Shoes

FitFlop Ciela SandalsWhen FitFlop toning shoes first started life in the UK, they were a small range of flip flop type sandals. They were the brain child of Canadian born ex-personal fitness trainer and entrepreneur, Marcia Kilgore. Ms. Kilgore realized that women would love to have a shoe that looked good, was value for money and which helped them to get into shape while they walked - without the need to visit the gym.

FitFlop sandals certainly looked good. They were bright, fun and fashionable - and consumers couldn't get enough of them. They fairly flew off the shelves following their UK launch in 2007.

The fact that, unlike other toning shoes, they looked nothing like fitness footwear was an added bonus for many buyers. That meant that they could be worn in situations, and with outfits, where sporty looking shoes wouldn't work.

Flip flop sandals are great in the summer, but anyone who wants to get their toning benefits when the weather turns colder is likely to suffer from a serious case of frostbite if they wear sandals. So it made sense for FitFlops to expand their range. Sneakers, clogs, boots and slippers were added in response to customer demand. FitFlop fans could now get their walking workout all year round.

FitFlop SneakersThe clogs and sneakers are great for spring and autumn. The boots are also good for spring and autumn and some of the styles are good for winter as well. You can even get toning benefits when you're just padding about in the house if you use the FitFlops slippers.

All of the shoes in the range feature the same special design of "microwobbleboard" toning sole which makes the lower body muscles work a little harder due to the injection of imbalance into the walking process.

As well as looking good and helping you to get into shape, FitFlops are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). You can be sure that they are foot friendly and 100% safe to wear.

Note – the APMA seal of acceptance shouldn’t be taken as an endorsement of the claimed toning benefits. Nevertheless, it’s good to know that your FitFlops are certified as being 100% safe to wear.

APMA Seal Of Acceptance

It’s probably worth mentioning that the special microwobbleboard sole does more than just deliver a lower body toning workout. It has also been designed to provide additional support to the wearer’s feet and to maximize the contact area between the sole of the foot and the footbed of the shoe.

This helps to reduce the average pressure exerted on the sole of the foot by the wearer’s body weight. It means that FitFlops are astonishingly comfortable to wear and to walk in. That’s great because it means that you will want to wear your FitFlops more often and will derive both better value for money and maximum toning benefits.

FitFlop Electra Sandals

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FitFlop Electra are super shiny and funky. If bling's your thing, then these are the sandals for you.

FitFlop Frou

FitFlop Women's Frou Thong Sandal,Maple Sugar,7 M US
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Flirty and feminine, FitFlop Frou sandals come in a great color range that will match any outfit.

FitFlop Due Ballerina Shoes

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You would never know that these had the special FitFlop sole - but it's there all right. They look like super trendy ballet flats. No-one will know your FitFlop secret!