If you wear prescription eye glasses, then you know how expensive prescription sunglasses can be or trying to use those clips.  Using fit over sunglasses are a perfect way to get the protection you need from the glare of the sun without sacrificing style or money.


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Hilton Bay Polarized Fitsover Sunglasses P77

After many years of trying to keep track of the clip on style sunglasses that were specifically designed for my own glasses (at great expense), I just didn’t bother and would simply squint in the sunlight.  My glasses are bifocals and are quite expensive, and to duplicate them in sunglasses was just not going to happen.

I had never thought of the idea of wearing any of these fit over glasses sunglasses until I tried these and they work like a charm.  They actually look quite good and no one can even tell that you are wearing your prescription glasses underneath.

It doesn’t feel like you are wearing 2 pair, as they are lightweight, and do their job at keeping the sun out especially when driving and are quick to put on, no awkward adjusting.  I keep a pair in the car and in the house so that I can simply slip them on over my own glasses when needed.

These work over most medium sized lenses.  They are shatterproof, block out the UV rays, have an anti-fog lens and are totally scratch resistant.  I have had mine for a few years now and they are still working great.

I have always had problems getting designer prescription sunglasses, and after expensive clip on style additions that always seemed to get lost or bent or simply were hard to attach to my prescription glasses while driving, I had pretty much given up.  The choice was wear sunglasses but don’t see very clearly and don’t expect me to read anything or drive, or don’t wear any at all.

So, the idea of a stylish set of sunglasses that fit over glasses was a brilliant idea.  You can get these in different colors too, and you should treat yourself to a few pairs of these so you have them ready for great eye protection with the ability to see well!

No more clipping on those shades, these fit right over your glasses comfortably with no fuss and don’t bother my ears either, it was like they were designed to fit like a glove.  I sometimes forget I am wearing my prescription glasses underneath when I go to take them off.

This is an affordable option to getting prescription sunglasses that can get expensive depending on the prescription you have.  They will fit over most eye glasses.

When I don’t need them, they end up on my head and then I can quickly pull them down over my glasses and off I go!

You can get these fit over sunglasses at most optical stores or wherever you purchase your glasses, but you may find there is a better and more affordable selection online at sites such as Amazon.  Shopping online allows you to have more to choose from, so if you are looking for some cool and chic sunglasses but need to wear prescription eye glasses give these a shot.  Your eyes will thank you.

Fit Over Your Prescription Glasses

Hilton Bay Polarized Over-Prescription Sunglasses P77 (Black & Smoke)
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