In our world of technology, I have discovered that an iPhone or iPod Touch can quite easily be your best pal while sweating it out in the gym and the following apps can assist you to get in the best shape of your life.

Videos - Pre-installed iphone

There are numerous fitness apps available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but one of the very best fitness apps that you can get comes bundled with your iOS device: it is called “Videos”. Videos app is to videos exactly what the iPod app is to music and with a just a little bit of "tweaking" it will more than have you everything you need in the gym. If you already own a workout program such as P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire, Tae Bo, or any of the Rodney Yee's yoga programs, you can legally make a digital backup that can then be put on your iPhone and taken to the gym with you. I have used this system to incorporate a P90X/Insanity hybrid into my gym routine and it has worked like magic.

Seconds Pro

Seconds ProCredit: flickr.comIf you want to skip workout DVDs altogether and create a custom workout of your own for the gym, yoga mat, or for jogging then Seconds Pro is your go-to iPhone app. Seconds Pro can be referred to as an "ultimate fitness timer" which allows for custom set intervals for HIIT, Circuit Training, Tabatta, gym workouts and very much more. Irrespective of if you are a marathoner or looking to shave off a few pounds, Second Pro will give you the opportunity to make custom workouts, customize interval times, and you will even be able to listen to music while it keeping track of your workout regimen.

Gym Buddy

Gym BuddyCredit: flickr.comIf you have hit a plateau in the gym, it is most likely that this could be due to lack of tracking a preparation in your regimen. Gym Buddy allows users to track the weight, body area targeted, reps, take notes and other vital info that will help the user to chart their gym experience and assist in pointing them in the right area to avoid the situation where get stuck in a plateau.


FitnessBuilderCredit: flickr.comOnce you have factored in the price of your gym membership, supplements, workout clothes and other fitness expenses, attaining that killer body that you have always wished for can become quite pricey. Fortunately, there is an iPhone application that will allow you to get ripped without the burden of adding an extra expense to your fitness bill; that is the “FitnessBuilder”. FitnessBuilder is a free application that features thousands of exercises, videos, and workouts which is more than enough of what you need to get you in your best shape ever. FitnessBuilder features a step by step set of instructions for workouts and allows the user to target and track their progress as well. It is one of the neatest health and fitness apps that you will get in the iTunes App Store.

Calorie Tracker

Calorie TrackerCredit: flickr.comIn order for you to get the most out of the gym, it is imperative that you pay a close attention to what is going on in the kitchen. can be said to be the No.1 calories tracking site on the internet. Their iPhone application which is the Calorie Tracker helps to bring direct to your iPhone. It is packed with many features that will help you get that optimal diet. This app is equipped with an extensive database that is filled with common foods and their associated nutritional values. It allows you to keep track of your daily diet, updates the daily caloric intake after each tacked meal and also allows users to track their progress over time and offers many more features that make Calorie Tracker by the best iPhone app.