Fitness Fads that Have Stood the Test of TimeCredit: Big Stock PhotoFrom Billy Blanks to Jane Fonda, the fitness fads and those who brought them to our attention are endless. A few of these fads have made their mark at least semi-permanent though, as they lasted past their initial boom of popularity. Find out about the most consistent exercise fads how they have lasted well past their first 15 minutes of fitness fame.


In the 1990s Pilates was a new and different type of fitness class or approach that was popular because so many celebrities said it was their exercise of choice. The trend exploded in popularity for the next decade. While Pilates has become slightly less popular in recent years, the results it offers make it a staple at most gyms. According to the Sports Medicine Show on Doctor Radio, Pilates is still within the top 10 of all exercise programs.

Consistent Pilates practice works on the core muscles of the body including the abdominals and the gluteus maximus. These two large muscle groups are key to overall health because they support some of the most important parts of your body including your spine and core. If you think about everyday movements, the majority of them originate in the core, so with a strong core you then can have a more steady body. points out that this exercise while very good for you overall, is not the ideal choice if you are exercising mainly to lose weight. For those who are trying to shed pounds, other more intensive cardio programs are better, though adding in Pilates as a compliment to other programs, or to tone once you have lost weight is effective. Some describe Pilates as an exercise that changes the shape of your body, so if you are at a comfortable weight it is a perfect solution to help you tone and trim different areas of your body.


Kickboxing has different variations including cardio kickboxing and mixed martial arts kickboxing that is more focused on the fighting aspect involved in the regimen. The basic concept of using kickboxing as an effective workout routine began decades ago but became popular in the 1990s. The workout was seen as a way to not only get in a strong calorie burn but work on some basic self-defense techniques doubling the benefit you got from your workout. In recent years, the different forms of kickboxing have put more emphasis on either cardio or fighting, but the benefits are still the same and the exercise format is still available just about everywhere. The cardio workout provided by throwing punches and unleashing kicks is exceptional and can be modified for those who cannot handle a high impact workout, making it versatile as well.

Circuit Training

Whether you belong to a women’s only gym that specializes in circuit training, or attending a class at your more typical gym, circuit training is here to stay. The physical benefit provided by doing several different activities during one sustained workout has been proven not only through science, but also through the success of those who use the method regularly. Instead of focusing just on cardio exercise, or just on resistance/weight training, mixing the two offers the best of both types of exercise condensed into one workout. Because this method of exercise gives multiple benefits during one workout session, it is most likely here to stay.