Great Ways to Track and Achieve your Fitness Goals

What is a Fitness Journal

A fitness journal is a simple tool for keeping track of your fitness related activities.  Common things you might include in your fitness journal include: your fitness goals, a log of the food you consume each day, your exercise log, a record of your weekly weigh-ins and maybe a weekly menu plan (or even grocery list).  It is a simple yet amazing tool for tracking your progress toward your fitness goals.  Some of the most important keys to better fitness are to be consistent and to track your progress (so you can adjust when needed), and a fitness journal can help you excel at both!

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Fitness Journal Results!


Why do you need a Fitness Journal

Studies have shown keeping a journal is one of, if not THE, most powerful tools for achieving your fitness goals.  One study indicated people who kept a food journal when dieting were almost twice as likely to achieve their weight loss goals than non-journal keepers.  One of the researchers in a large noted study,  Dr Jack Hollis,  even stated "that it seemed like the simple act of recording what you eat encourages people to eat fewer calories".  A fitness journal is extremely effective at tracking your calorie balance (intake vs amount burned thru exercise) and can be a huge part of gradually progressing toward your exercise goals.  Why do you need a fitness journal you ask - you need a fitness journal because you want to actually achieve your weight loss or fitness goals.

Types of Fitness Journals

Fitness journals started the old fashion way - as a simple notebook or printout where we kept all our dirty little fitness secrets or our sparkling achievements, depending on what kind of day you had.  This is still a very simple and viable fitness journal option.  All you need is a little notebook or maybe a binder to keep track of everything.  In fact sites like WebMD even have preformated printable fitness journal pages that make keeping your journal even easier.  That being said it is the twenty-first century and of course there are tons of amazing FREE online options.  Personally I have used Calorie Count at, and found it to be exceptional.  It is easy to use and includes very in depth tools that do most of the work for you (ie you don't have to look up many calorie values for food or calories burned during a given exercise - because it is part of the online tool).  Another great FREE online fitness journal is MyFitnessPal (   My wife uses this fitness journal with her Apple I-Phone and loves it, she claims it is amazingly easy to keep track of what she eats throughout the day and to track her yoga classes exercise.  All three of these journals have helped thousands and thousands of people make real meaningful changes in their lives!

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My Calorie Count Fitness Journal "Dashboard"

A fitness journal is a simple yet highly effective tool that can help you succeed at your fitness goals.  It doesn't matter if you use an old fashion paper version or a modern online version, just that you keep track of what you eat and how you exercise.  Why not get started with your own fitness journal today!