fitness motivation

Getting fit can be hard but you know it is good for you, but fitness motivation can be hard to come by, when you are tired and just can't seem to get going with your exercise and health goals.

If this is you, then here are a few ideas to help you with your fitness motivation. Whether the goal is to get more limber and healthier, or to lose weight, you need to give yourself some attainable guidelines to help you with your goals. Here are a few that may just help you.

Mix up your exercise

Nothing is more boring, then doing the same video, or the same run around the block or the same weight lifting. In order to keep your fitness motivation, you need to add some spice to your exercise routine.

Maybe go for a run or fast walk Monday night in a park, instead of the same old block. Find a new park or trail. Maybe go mall walking in the bad weather. Malls are quite big, and if you wear a pedometer you will see just how many steps there are in a large mall, especially one with two floors!

Go and find some new exercise videos. You can get line dancing, or jazz or all kinds of dancing videos. Try something new. Do something different each day, if you can avoid getting bored, then you are likely to keep your fitness motivation, you may even look forward to it!

Add music

Update your technology and get an ipod or something similar, and load it with some new tunes from your favorite artist, something with a beat to get you going.

Add a friend

Make a date to go and exercise with a friend or a group of friends. It could be a run or a walk, or take a belly dancing class. Check out the newspaper and see if there are any dance classes going on in your neighborhood, then convince your friends to sign up. Fitness motivation, sometimes just means doing something you like, and with friends, and having fun at the same time.


As in the above paragraph, dancing is great exercise, and if you like the music and you love to dance, then you will do this for much longer. Fitness motivation, should include any exercise that you love, and dancing counts!. You don't have to stick to the same old aerobics or weight lifting, you can throw in some dance classes for great fun. Plus this changes things up a bit, and your body will react. You body gets used to exercise, we are very efficient machines, you need to jazz it up a bit, now and then to get things moving again. Adding something different a couple nights a week, is a good way to get off of that weight loss plateau you may be stuck on.


Sign up for organized sports. This is will be great fitness motivation, as you will have team mates that will need you to show up! Once someone else is depending on you to be a part of your team, you can quite often find the motivation that is needed to do it, and feel better for it.

Take your pets

If you walk or jog for your exercise, then you can find some of that fitness motivation, by taking your dog with you. Your dog will quickly get used to going with you, and may just bring his leash to you, when you feel like crashing on the couch! Knowing that your dog depends on you now that you have spoilt him with that great walk or run, you are more likely to go, and this keeps your pet healthy.

Feel good

Finding fitness motivation can be hard, if all you are going to change into is a baggy old t-shirt, and sweat pants, and tattered running shoes. I would feel horrible too! So, why not invest in yourself. Go and get some really cool workout clothes, and if you run or walk invest in the right pair of shoes.

There are running shoes specially designed just for running, and then there are walking shoes. If you do more running and jogging and some walking, then you are better to get shoes geared for running. You can always go for a walk in specially designed running shoes, but you can't run is specially designed walking shoes, there is a difference. Get fitted properly at a sports store. Let them know what your main goal is with your fitness and motivation.

The after burn!

This is my fitness motivation! I am not big on exercise, and my job keeps me at a computer desk, so I try to fit in a walk and some exercise. But recently I took up running by joining a running clinic (something for you to consider, it gets you out and with other people with the same fitness goals) where you run for a minute and then you walk for a minute. This gets you used to running.

But the best part for me, was that after really giving my body and heart a good workout, I stretched, and then came home, and jumped in the shower, and after getting dressed I realized how good I felt. Like I could tackle any problem. I felt alive. I was told this was the "after burn"

So, for me to have any fitness motivation, I need to concentrate on that feeling. That great feeling I had after a good workout. If you don't workout hard enough, you may not get this feeling, and it then becomes hard to stay motivated.

So, change it up a bit, and push it harder, get sweating, get moving faster, and get that great feeling of accomplishment when you are done. Try and remember that good feeling, when all you really want to do, is crash on the couch with a bag of chips after a nasty day at work!

So, get up, and get going and find your fitness motivation.