Looking to shed a few pounds?  Or tighten up those abs?  Want to look good in a swim suit?  Well, in theory it should be no problem, because guess what?  There are approximately 1,000,000 different fitness programs out there not just promising, but guaranteeing results!  

We are inundated with fitness crazed marketing everywhere we go.  Sometimes it can be hard to determine what is real and what is hype.  So here's some advice on how to get to the core of what will work and what won't.


Remember Fitness Marketing is Always Aimed at Your Emotions, Not Facts

If these companies didn't focus on what you want, they would never get your attention.  So you can bet your bottom dollar they will promise to deliver what you want whether they have a truly sound method of getting you it or not.  So it becomes a question of how will they deliver what you want?  Is it going to be in a way that works?  The only way to know is if their "tried and proven" systems add up to reality.  Let's make a fitness reality list to make sure the fitness program that grabbed your attention is worth your time, effort, and money.

The Fitness Reality List  

sweating while exercising

treadmill running

1.   There is no such thing as "effortless" physique transformation.  There's no substitute for hard work.

* This includes fat loss and/or muscle gain.

* The human body likes to stay in it's comfort zone, so whatever condition you are in now is where it is comfortable.  Getting your body out of its comfort zone by forcing it to adapt to unaccustomed exercise or caloric restriction will be a necessity if you want to look different than you already are.

* Evidence of getting your body out of its comfort zone will include sweating and breathing heavily during exercise.  It will also include feeling hungry when dieting. 

2.   Whatever diet plan a program contains, it is not immune to the first law of thermodynamics: calories in must = calories out to result in no weight gain or weight loss

diet lettuce
  • Eat less total calories than you burn through physical activity and you will lose weight.
chocolate diet


  • Eat more total calories than you burn through physical activity and you will gain weight. 

running in sunset

3.   Consistency over time that translates into lifestyle change is what will bring you long-lasting results.

* If you are interested in a fad diet or fitness program and only do it for a few weeks and stop, your body will return to its previous comfort zone, which is whatever you looked like before you started the program.

* Whatever fitness program you choose must have a plan for keeping you engaged long-term, or you will get unhealthy short-term results.  Now, with this being said, some people's fitness objectives are short term.  Looking good in that wedding dress may require a quick weight loss strategy.  Just be forewarned that rapid weight loss is usually accompanied later by rapid weight gain as the body rebounds from the shock of putting it through physical and dietary stress.  

fitness results

So, if a fitness program has got you motivated to change for the better and meets the criteria mentioned on the fitness reality list, go for it!  If it doesn't, then it wasn't meant to be, because no matter what kind of results are getting promoted, they won't come to pass.  The fitness reality list consists of guidelines that are objective and can not be broken.  A good fitness program will incorporate these principles if its true aim is to get real results.