Fitness Success Break Down

Fitness Success – 5 Key Building Blocks

Getting healthy and getting into the shape you want is not always easy. But using these 5 key building blocks makes any workout program solid. Use these as your foundation and you will reach your goals, I guarantee it.

1 - Great Fitness Comes by Combining the Right Ingredients

You need to combine a good diet, regular cardiovascular exercise, weight training, and most important of all, consistency. Most people fail because they are not consistent. This doesn’t mean that you can’t skip a day here and there. It’s just that most people fail to pick up where they left off. They take too much time off and give themselves too many excuses. Just be consistent NO MATTER WHAT.

2 – Eat Healthy

You DO NOT need to go on a diet per se. However, you should stick to eating healthy foods every day. Avoid things that you know are bad and stick to those that are healthy. Vegetables and protein should make up a majority of your calories. Do not eat less, just eat less of what is going to keep you from your health goals. Learn how to eat better and stick to simple meal plans that give you consistent energy. For example, white flour will NOT give you consistent energy levels. Spend some time learning about the benefits of each food group and study a few diets. Find out what works for your body and your schedule. Changing your eating habits will not work if your schedule will not allow you to stay consistent.

3 – Cardio

Cardio will benefit your body the most. When you raise your metabolism through cardiovascular exercise, you will boost the amount of calories your body burns, improve the health of your heart, and dramatically strengthen your immune system. I can tell you from experience that sticking to a consistent exercise program will keep you from getting sick better than any immune boosting vitamin or supplement. Focus on hitting your target heart rate with proper workout intensity, time exercising, and type of workout. Devise the perfect cardio workout with these three factors.

4 – Strength Training

Strength training is not just for men looking to have a bodybuilder physique. It is extremely important for everyone to do resistance and strength training often. Not only does it improve posture and lower your risk of injury in everyday life, it fuels your engine for burning fat, increasing your metabolism and improving bone strength. Mix up your fitness program using resistance bands, free weights, machines, and body weight exercises.

5 – Stretch

Stretching usually takes a back seat to other fitness goals, but by incorporating regular stretching you can increase your overall health. Stretching will reduce soreness, improve your range of motion, and reduce your risk of injury dramatically. Tendonitis for example is a very aggravating injury that can be difficult to get rid of once it occurs. By stretching often, you prevent tendonitis from occurring in your knees, elbows, and feet. Stretching also increases blood flow to the muscles which stimulate healthy growth. And because it’s so easy to do, you can stretch anytime and almost anywhere.


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