Fitness workout plans, we come up with them every New Year for a resolution to get fit and lose weight, and they tend to fall by the wayside a month later.

If you are trying to get fit and lose weight, but just can't seem to squeeze exercise into your routine, then try some of these lazier ways to get motivated.

If you look at exercise as chore, then the simple act of having to get changed to do this fitness workout plan of yours might be enough to put you off and you say "later".

From personal experience, I have found it much better to try and fit in exercise first thing in the morning. Or you will find excuses all day, right up until bedtime there will always be something else that needs doing. You need to be number one first thing.

That being said, when you set your alarm early and open your eyes, you probably groan, look outside at the dark or predawn and think about where your exercise clothes are and how you will have to get changed, and you just turn over. Well here is the best way to deal with that. Wear your pajamas to exercise! Why not? The kids are wearing what look like flannel bottoms to school and out and about!

Just roll out of bed, throw on your running shoes and your coat, and depending on your choice of exercise, just go. If you are wanting to fit more walking in, then just throw on your coat, and your running shoes, and walk out there in your pajamas, who cares?.

I know myself, that if I have to think about changing, then it is not likely to happen! Call this lazy, or whatever, if it feels like a chore and you are given too much time to think about what you have to do in order to organize this session, then it will not happen, because you will come up with a hundred and one reasons not to get moving!

By simply rolling out of bed, visit the bathroom, grab a water bottle, and put your shoes on and head out the door.

If you are wanting to start using that treadmill that is presently being used as a hanger for all of your clothes. Then the night before, clear it off, make sure it is plugged in and ready to go. Roll out of bed in your pajamas, keep your running shoes nearby, and start off slow to warm up then off to the races!

I know if I have to find my t-shirt, and shorts, and organize anything before exercising, it won't happen. So, don't give yourself the chance to back out.

If you are wanting to use that gym membership you have been paying monthly for, there is no need to have an entire wardrobe of Jane Fonda workout gear, Just throw a t-shirt on over your pajamas. Don't laugh! I will sometimes go to curves first thing in the morning (a gym for women) and as it is resistance training, which doesn't require a lot of bouncing around, then I have see women there is there pajamas, who then shower there afterwards and go to work!

It all depends on the level of fitness you are going for. Basically any movement and exercise is good for you. If you are wanting fitness workout plans that are going to require a lot of special equipment, and you are not that motivated, then save your money now.

If you can do exercises that don't require a lot of prep or driving or anything that will easily put you off then you will stick to it.

If you are trying to come up with a great fitness plan, that is easy and requires little motivation, then try these: They can be spontaneous, which is a great way to get fit.


Still one of the best ways to get fit and lose weight. Just throw on your walking shoes or your running shoes, and a coat and off you go. You could even grab your dog and both of you get fresh air and exercise. If the weather is bad, and you would rather shop, then wear your running shoes to the mall, and do some walking circuits around the mall a few times depending on its size.

Purchase a pedometer and find out just how many steps you are taking. This is also a great motivator, as you should try and aim for between 8000 and 10000 steps per day. There are lots of cool ones on the market now with lots of bells and whistles. This way you can window shop, and get fit at the same time. Some of those malls are HUGE. You may actually get more exercise than you had originally planned.

Do this first, window shop while you are going, don't stop and then make mental notes of the stores you would like to go in afterwards. If you tell yourself you will do this after you have shopped, not going to happen! Do it first!


Have your bike ready and tuned up at the beginning of the season. That is the only job you need to do. Then make sure your Helmut stays with the bike, and you fill the water bottle. You can do this in your pajamas too! You might need a band around your pants bottoms though to keep it out of the chain. Just get up, do a few stretches, put on your coat and Helmut and grab your bike.

Store you bike somewhere safe, but at the same time it needs to be accessible, if you have to start fumbling with three locks and two gates, it is not likely to happen! You will mentally run through the things you have to do to get your bike out, and you won't do it. Later you will say!.


Do you have stairs in your house. Get up in the morning, do a few stretches, don't even change, and run up and down the stairs, this will get your heart pumping.

Or purchase a stepper, and keep it close by, and jump on it during commercial breaks on TV.

Try this lazy way to fit in fitness. This works for me! If you like to watch TV, then at each commercial, run up and down the stairs until the show is back on, or use some free weights while on the couch, or use a stepper or even jog on the spot. Those commercial breaks are long! You will get fit, still watching your shows!

You can come up with some fitness workout plans that will keep your motivated. You just have to cut out the preparation that will trigger excuses. Just get up and do it!