Over 50s Turning to Fitness Regimes to Enjoy Life

As Father Time drags us, kicking and screaming, out from our youth, it’s tempting to look back with melancholy at the fresh young faces that are no longer ours. After the half-century mark, things start to sag where they once held taut; flexibility departs almost unnoticeably by degrees, until that day when we reach out for a nice morning stretch and--ow!

Well, you can resign yourself to a progression of deterioration, or you can take up the battle and reclaim your body. Fitness for folks over 50 can be loads of fun, and can result in life-changing health improvements, too!

Pick Up the Pace

Have you spent years at a desk job, or another occupation that has kept your mind active, but left your body languishing like a blob? Then it’s time to get off your mass and get moving.

Your first effort needn’t be a marathon, but it must definitely begin with a first step. If you’ve racked up many years of sedentary living, don’t rush headlong into overdoing it. Pounding right into exercise after a long period of inactivity can be a real confidence killer, especially if you try to undertake sports or exercises you used to do in your younger days, and approach those with the same enthusiasm you employed back then. Remembering how you used to smash that tennis ball across the court or run a mile breakfast, you might attempt more than your body’s accustomed to. Failing to achieve the goals you so easily reached years ago, you may soon become discouraged and your new fitness plan may evaporate as quickly as you had taken it up.

Besides bruising your ego, rushing too quickly back into an active lifestyle can ultimately slow you down even more than your current level, if you accidentally injure yourself from making a move that was simple in your 20s.

So yes, you do want to pick up the pace and get your body moving. But “pace” is the key word here; as in, pace yourself.

Look into activities that build you up physically without endangering your body with too much stress. Yoga is very popular with the mature set, and taking up dance classes, like Zumba, puts the party into powerful workouts (just be careful not to push yourself too far). For inexpensive physical training that tones virtually every part of the body, you can’t beat walking--and you needn’t pay a gym for that type of workout!

Fueling for Fitness

If you’re working all day long, sometimes, the very last thing you want to do is prepare a meal, especially if your household only consists of yourself or two people total. It’s so much easier to just drive through for takeaway and relax in front of the telly...

If it’s convenience you’re after, then perhaps it’s time you rethink what convenience means. How convenient is it if you’re finding yourself having to pause on the landing as you climb one flight of stairs? Is it convenient to keep shopping for new clothes to replace those items that keep mysteriously shrinking as they hang in your closet? Is it convenient to hit 2:30 in the afternoon feeling drained of energy and just wishing you could fall into bed?

Ah, not so convenient, after all. If you truly want a life of convenience, concentrate on convenient shopping. All you need do is follow around the perimeter of most stores; that’s where you will find the fresher products, such as dairy, fresh meats and seafood, bakery bread and fresh fruits and vegetables. Don’t venture into those aisles hawking so-called convenience box meals! Fill up on fresh, and your tummy’s tank will thank you with bursts of energy you forgot were possible.

Hang the Habits!

You don’t need to be told about these, right? You already know smoking is unhealthy, and excessive drinking is dangerous to your system, and unsafe driving habits will up your risk factor for early death, and so forth. So that whole little litany that you’ve heard time and again? Replay that mantra here now. But this time, listen to it.

Charge It Up

Getting into better shape helps you sleep better, think more clearly and feel good about yourself. It can also save you tons of money, as a fit person pays significantly less for health and life insurance than someone who’s out of shape. Fitness for folks over 50 might be the zippity-do-dah you need to recharge your batteries. There’s only one way to find out!

Zumba for the Aged