Exercise tips & Workout routines.

After several years of gym memberships, various workout routines, and learning about fitness in general. I have come up with my best exercises and I would like to share them with you. I started a workout program called P90X and it changed everything for me. If you're someone very serious about their fitness then I definitely suggest looking into it. After I learned that the trick to fitness and body building is muscle confusion. If you work out the same part of your body then you will plateau. So work out different parts of your body everyday, this will also save a lot of time with your routines.

If you're just starting to pick up your fitness habits, then you want to start of easy before starting any intense workout programs. One of my favorites that I took as a joke turned out to be more effective than I thought. I watched an episode of tosh.0 and they had a skit where you had to do push ups immediately after going to the bathroom. I thought it was weird at first until I tried it out. Everyday I decided to do 10 push-ups right after I was done using the restroom. In one week I went from being able to do 10 push ups in one session to 70. Start off doing 10 every time then each day add 1 more push up, and the results will show fast. Ok let's get to some routines. Get a pull up bar that you can put in a door way and get some resistant exercise bands. Note I am no physician, always check up with your doctor. I am simply discussing my favorite workouts.

Monday I always start with with some daily aerobics to get the blood flow going. Do some jumping jacks, or go for a small run, I particularly don't run so I like to dance for a warm up. I do my daily push ups, then take the bands and lay down on the bands with hand grips in place like I am about to bench press. The more slack you lay the more resistance you will get from the bands. The push just like you're bench pressing. Take the bands and wrap them around the pull up bar. I then sit underneath like I am on a bowflex and pull the resistance bands down to work out my shoulders.

Tuesday, abs after my warm up I go to my couch and sit on the very edge. Balancing keeping my feet off the floor and my hands free I do 20 sit up crunches. Then I lay on the floor with my head at the couch grabbing it with my hands. Do 20 legs raises followed by 20 Bicycle kicks. Rest for a min. I turn around laying on the floor with my legs on the couch and I crunch up to my knees. Turn back around grabbing the couch, I do reverse crunches I pull my knees to my face lifting my lower back off the floor 20 times. Turn back around with legs on the couch and side crunch reaching for opposite sides. I do this twice.

Wednesday, break day, I still dance though. Dance Dance Revolution dancing that is. It's the same benefits from running it's just more fun and indoors. I strongly suggest it, DDR alone I lose 6-8 lbs a month playing almost everyday.

Thursday, on of my favorite fitness exercises is taking 2 chairs. Put your heels on the edge of one and grab the sides of the chair you're sitting on with enough room to dip down. Dip down with the seat of the chair level with you back and then push up. It's great for working triceps. Then I take the bands and I roll up the middle for more resistance and step on it with my foot. Then I bend my leg that's hold the bands and I curl.

Friday is hike day. Simple I just go to some of my favorite hiking places near by with some friends.

Saturday I take the bands and wrap them around the pull up bar. Then I sit pretty far back from the bar but facing it and then pull. After that I put on some gloves and I pull myself up and hold for as long as I can. Then lower, rest, pull up, and hold.

Sunday I repeat Tuesday and do those ab exercises.

These are some of my favorite fitness routines that keep me in shape and are easy. I recently joined an indoor rock climbing place which is more fun and better than a gym. A lot of these work outs I learned from P90 and the internet. Hopefully this will help you find what cheap and easy exercises are best for you.