The main difference between traditional bedding and that of your sofa bedding is the size and fit. Occasionally, sofa sheets are made with additional elastic straps that can be used beneath the corners to hold the fitted bottom sheet in place, especially for when folding it up. Most sofas are either full or queen size, but the sheets made for a traditional style of mattress may not fit this particular unique type of bed.

Sofa sleepers are mostly used for the occasional house guest or around the holidays when you have to try and host all those extra family members. Sure, you can get by with regular sheets from your other beds, but they may simply not fit as well. This can cause some problems over time if you fold the sofa bed up with the sheets on it. Over time, it can cause the hinge joints to wear improperly. Also, improper fitting sheets will be less comfortable for your guests.

You will happy to hear that sofa bed sheets also come in the same type of styles as traditional bedding. If you've done any shopping for other types of bed sheets lately, you've probably noticed that there is a trend toward more natural bedding and organic materials. These would include things like organic cottons and even bamboo if you can believe it. Bamboo is actually a grass, so it is a renewable source and makes a fine type of bedding for your sofa.

Your guests will feel like royalty if you fit your sofa with satin or silk bed sheets. These luxurious feeling bed sheets will make anyone feel like they are on vacation somewhere special. Yes, these types of sheets are made for sofas as well as traditional mattresses. Now, you may have a futon that you use for those special occasions like these. Well, the same sheets that you would use for that fold-out sofa can be used for your futon mattress as well. Remember, sofa bed sheets are only the broader term used to describe these specially fitted sheets, they work equally well on similarly sized sofa-couches.