5 Essential Ab Exercises

How to get a six pack

It is important in your ab routine to include variety in your workouts; do not simply do the same exercises every time you are workout out your core. There are plenty of ab routines but five favorites are noted below.

1. Bicycle kick - this was once claimed to be the most effective workout. Lay on your back (on a mat if you have one!), raise your shoulders off the floor, extend one leg while bringing the other one into your chest. While your legs are moving, swivel your torso so that your w touches the opposite knee that is being brough into your chest.

2. The Flailing Superman - lay on your chest and lift your legs about 5 inches off the ground. Stretch both arms in front of you and move them away from your body's median and then back to the original starting position.

3. Push-downs - this is best done if you have a workout buddy. Lay down on the floor and have your friend stand with his legs on either side of your head. Hold onto his or her ankles and bring your legs up to a ninety degree angle to the floor. Have your buddy push your legs down. Your buddy should randomly choose where he pushes your legs - to the right, to the left, to the middle. You should bring your legs back up as quickly as you can after each push.

4. Standing, weighted obliques - stand up with your feet shoulder-width apart. In one hand hold a kettle bell or a hand-weight. Place your other hand on your hip and slowly move the other hand down towards your feet and go back up, slowly.

5. Raised leg sit-ups - lay on your back and raise your legs to a ninety-degree angle. Place your hands behind your head for support. When you do this, it is important to not push your head up; the hands should simply be there to relieve the strain in your neck. Lift your chest up to the ceiling and slowly go back down.

It is important to hit all of the muscles in your abs - your obliques, upper abs, lower abs, transverse abdominis, and back! You should change up your routine regularly. Keep checking here for more ab workouts!