The skin on our faces is the thinnest skin on our whole bodies and as we age it becomes even thinner and drier. To make sure that we give it the extra protection and moisture that it needs we must always moisturize frequently using the correct moisturizer for our skin types. Moisturizing is probably the most well known of all anti aging tips, but here are five more tips to help you on your way to younger looking skin.

Anti Aging Tip One - Antioxidants play a vital role in making sure that your skin is at its healthiest, one antioxidant that you should contain in your diet plan is Selenium. This antioxidant can be found in chicken, red meat, eggs, grains, oil rich nuts and avocados. Selenium works at reducing pollutants which can help combat skin aging.

Anti Aging Tip Two - Start using an eye cream above and below your eyes after the age of 25 years. Apply the eye cream in the morning when you first get up and at night time just before you go to bed. This will help to prevent premature aging and will ensure that the delicate eye area remains taut and firm.

Anti Aging Tip Three - Did you know that almost 90% of all premature skin aging is down to, too much exposure to the sun and its harmful UV rays. Stay out of the sun as much as you can, and if you must venture outside into it, always make sure that you use an high quality sun cream that has an high protection factor.

Anti Aging Tip Four - Start eating more tomatoes, tomatoes contain a skin friendly antioxidant called Lycopene, which is also said to reduce a persons risk to cancer. Start cooking tomatoes if you are wanting your skin to look and feel as smooth as one.

Anti Aging Tip Five - Give up smoking, smoking will age your skin fast. It will make your skin sallow due to lack of circulation. You are also more likely to get lines around the mouth area where you are constantly puffing on the cigarettes. In addition to quitting smoking you must always get at least 7 to 8 hours sleep each night. Getting plenty of sleep will help your skin to replenish itself overnight. If you are having trouble getting a good nights rest, make sure the room isn't too hot or too cold. The ideal room temperature for deep sleeping is at around 18 to 24 degree centigrade.