Many people think of the iPad as a cool toy for watching YouTube videos and playing games, while they reserve their laptop for their mobile business needs. This doesn’t have to be the case. With the right apps, your iPad can become a mobile office. But with the huge variety of apps available in the Apple App Store, you need to choose the right ones to get the best out of your iPad. Here are some of the best.


Spreadsheets are the bread and butter of business, so of course you need a spreadsheet app with full functionality on your iPad. With more than 250 functions, Numbers allow you to manipulate all aspects of spreadsheets with your fingertips. You can build spreadsheets, edit them and share them among your iOS devices automatically through iCloud.

Dragon Diction

The lack of a physical keyboard can put people off typing up long documents and making notes on the iPad. Dragon Diction allows you to dictate your notes, ideas and anything else you need to write. It transcribes your musings and uploads them to the Dragon servers where you can access them with ease when you need them. As with any dictation device, you may need to speak more clearly than usual, but you’ll quickly get the hang of it.

Office 2 HD

While the iPad doesn’t run Microsoft Office, installing this app makes your iPad fully compatible with Office. This is a must, as the majority of businesses use Microsoft Office as their main document software. Office 2 HD offers better support for Office documents than the native Apple software so you can create, import and export doc. and .xls Files.

Prezi Viewer

Prezi Viewer offers a platform independent way of presenting your presentations from your iPad. It is compatible with most modern operating systems and is often used by TED speakers. Its unique interface allows for the addition of social media marketing to presentations. With this and many other revolutionary features, prezi is fast overtaking the more traditional PowerPoint to become the presentation tool of choice.


If you are on the road and realize you forgot to upload something from your home computer to your iPad, then LogMeIn is just what you need. It allows you to remote access your computer from anywhere in the world, so you can access important files and apps. This is an essential app for anyone, especially business users.


There are hundreds of apps available in the Apple App Store, but by installing these five you will have taken the first steps to transforming your iPad into a powerful business tool. Soon you may find yourself leaving your clumsy laptop at home when you go on business trips. You won’t need it because you’ll have your trusty iPad loaded with apps at your fingertips.