When it comes to eating unhealthy foods, there are some foods that need to be in their own category. Simply put, eating enough of these foods could most likely kill you. While they may taste delicious and exemplify the term "comfort food," we all know that comsuming these items puts us at risk. So what are some bad foods that you should avoid at all costs?

5. Cheese

Although we like to believe that cheese is healthy, it really isn't. Sure cheese comes from milk and milk makes us strong, right? Yes and no. While it's true that cheese is a great source of calcium, it also has a lot of negativcheese (37575)es. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average American eats 30 pounds of cheese a year. That sure is a lot of cheese. The problem with cheese is that many people eat the fatty kinds of cheese, which are loaded in saturated fats. Ounces of fatty cheeses can contain 6-8 grams of fat. The problem is that most people use well over that amount on a daily basis, multiple meals per day. The key to staying away from cheese is to simply limit it or lose it all together.

4. Cookies

Everyone knows that cookies are hard to resist. The hardest part about eating cookies is stopping at one. But sometimcookiees all it takes is one cookie to do the damage. In one serving of Oreos, you consume 7 grams of fat. Most people don't simply consume one serving of oreos, its two or three or even four. Cookies contain loads of fat and sugar, two ingredients we all should stay away from, even in deserts. In two small peanut butter patty girl scout cookies there are over 8 grams of fat and 150 calories. The problem with cookies, again, is not so much the contents in a single serving but multiple servings.

3. Soda

Although soda is technically a drink, many people consume soda as much if not more than water. It also contains an outrageous amount of calories. In a 32 ounce bottle of Coke, you'll find yourself consuming over 40z0 caloricokees. For many people, thats a third of their daily value of calorie intake. Not only does soda have the same coloric content as most deadly foods, it also contains an alarming amount of sugar. According to studies, soda and other soft drinks account to 10 percent of calories in the American diet.

Many rearchers claim that consumption of soda is a big reason why obesity has become such a widespread problem. People don't realize the calories and sugar content in a cup of soda, not to mention a full bottle. Simply cutting soft drinks out of your diet will go a long way in keeping your body and your teeth healthy.

2. Potato Chips and French Fries

Just becChips (37574)ause potato chips are made from a vegetable doesn't mean there is anything healthy about munching on a bag of them. The fact that most chips are fried and covered with loads of salt make potato chips a form of junk food that you should stay away from. A bag of sour cream and onion chips contains over 10 grams of fat per serving and over 230 mg of sodium. Imagine eating the whole bag! High amounts of sodium can lead to high blood pressure and the risk of heart attack. Obviously, when eating chips, the key is moderation. A single serving here and there is fine, but few people find themselves digging into a bag of chips only once.

French fries are just as bad, if not worse than potato chips. Most fries are defriesep fried and then loaded with a heaping handfulls of salt. Just like potatoe chips, french fries are high in sodium and loaded with fat. Adding a handburger to the mix especially makes french fries a dangerous side dish to consume.

1. Donuts

donutsThe definition of a donut is a small cake of sweetened dough fried in deep fat, typically shaped like a ring. As you can see, this defnition says it all. Donuts contain little nutrtional value, if any, and a regular Krispy Krime donut contains over 200 calories. And as many of us know, eating only one Krispy Kreme donut is quite difficult. It's not so much the donuts themselves that are unhealthy, but everything that goes into making a donut. Donuts are deep fried in highly saturated oils and coated with sugar, which are then topped with more sugar. Toppings on donuts range from chocate to sugary icings. Donuts can also be filled with sugary creams and jelly, making them even more unhealthy. Do yourself a favor and stay away from donuts.

While these are all foods we need to stay away from, it definitely begins with moderation. It's not always what we eat, but how much of what we eat. There are plenty of other foods that you should stay away from, such as hamburgers, ice cream, foods high in sodium and salts like chinese food, and hotdogs. When in doubt, eat more fruits and vegetables.