Foundation is a basic cosmetic supply most people will find in their stock of beauty products. The right one for your skin type is a tricky situation. Every complexion is different and what you need will even vary depending on what time of year it is. This item will differ when used on sun-kissed skin versus a winter pallor which means more than one is necessary for the same person. A little research and knowledge is necessary to discover the best foundation product for you.

Not all are equal in what they offer  and some are better than others. With the hundreds of distinct options retailers offer today it is more than difficult to make a choice with so many to choose from. These are five of the best ones which offer a range of choices for various complexions and skin types and seem to have an edge over others in the arena.

Laura Mercier Oil Free Liquid Foundation

Some persons prefer liquid types while others do not. However, for oily skins Laura Mercier has created a wonderful product in liquid form. has given this particular creation tons of positive praise and other beauty consults around the web have put a “thumbs up” behind it as well. There is an enormous variety of color shades to fit any hue and skin coloration.

It goes on smooth and even without settling into the fine lines in the face and even minimize how your pores look overall.

It lasts up to 8 hours, but is lightweight and comfortable. Silicone free, fragrance free and non-greasy makes it great for anyone with sensitive skin types.

Disadvantages-the product’s price is a drawback for many shoppers. This is a little more expensive in most stores, but is available on Amazon at a competitive fee.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

This is a manufactured good is a surprise for a lot of people who do not like the feel of foundation. It’s like having it on without wearing it. This is actually a moisturizer with a tint. It is wonderful for days when the weather is warmer and a regular form of the item is a bother. Even women who like the look and feel of not putting on any makeup will find this item attractive.

It is available in various shades as well as oil free. The regular kind works well for mature or dry skin types. It does contain SPF for sun screen protection for sensitivity or acne concerns.

InStyle Magazine has named it the best tinted moisturizer and it is a Nordstrom Beauty Award Nominee. This puts it a cut above the rest according to the professionals.

Disadvantages-it is a little more expensive than most other similar favorites in the marketplace today. Extra concealer is usually needed since this is not an all over foundation product.

Revlon Color Stay Foundation

One of the best things about this particular one is the price. Do not let the inexpensive price fool you. It is a great product which works well for many users.

All of the Revlon Color Stay Foundations do contain SPF in different degrees. There is a combination type option for normal to dry skin or combo/oily option as well. It features a Softflex technology which will not rub off with normal wear and boasts it is great for up to 16 hours of wear. It is oil free and fragrance free.

Users have rated this one a five out of five possible stars. The biggest advantage over other merchandise in similar categories is the price and availability. So many stores have this on their shelves and it is never difficult to find and the options for different colors are wonderful.

Disadvantages- most people with oily skin do not wear this one well. Works best for drier facial types.

L’Oreal Paris True Match

L’Oreal has created a foundation in 33 ranges of colors. Built with micro fine pearls which promise to diffuse any imperfections in the face, this is another award-winning product. Allure magazine has notified the world this is the best inexpensive foundation for 8 years in a row.

The best advantage is the price tag. This is the lowest priced item mentioned in these comparisons. Most of the online shopping options even offer free of charge shipping.

Disadvantages-the bottling isn’t very attractive and this is truly a liquid. It goes on oily and for anyone with an oily face a different product will definitely work out better.

CoverGirl NaturalLuxe Foundation

One of the hottest makeup artists in the world, Pat McGrath, swears by this particular beauty aid. Crafted in 14 different shades, this is full coverage light weight beauty addition which gives the face a dewy complexion and finish. This is another liquid form on the market. Competitively priced makes is worth the investment for what you get out of it.

CoverGirl has fashioned their NaturalLuxe with excellent conditioners which include Jojoba oil, rose hip extracts and cucumber water. All of these by themselves are for enhancing facial tone. However, combined they do wonders for every kind of skin tone.

Disadvantages-there is not an option to separate oily, dry or combo. Therefore, many users that need a specific type or kind for their particular face find this is not always the best one for their cosmetic needs.

 in conclusion

Choosing the best one for your skin type, needs and budget are important. This particular article outlines five of the best in the marketplace today. Beauty products are designed to make you look and feel your best and choosing the right one for your personal needs could give you  more than you ever imagined.

beauty products are designed to make you look and feel better about your natural attributes

beauty products are designed to make you look and feel better about your natural attributes

a good foundation should enhance your skin look and feel

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