There is a variety of phones available for around £50 on the market today. The growth of the smart phone has meant a wider selection of features are available for even less money than ever before providing better value for money. In this article we will look at five of the best phones available for around £50 which is around $80.

We have chosen these phones based on their price points, features and the comments from users that we have come across and those online at websites such as Amazon. As ever, you should always look at the phones in the shop as the ergonomics are a big part of the buying decision of a phone.

Samsung E2222 ‘Texto’

The Samsung E2222 ‘Texto’ is a dual SIM phone allowing you to have two phones in one. It isn’t an advanced smartphone but does offer software to sync email, contacts and calendars. It also has an audio jack for headphones and a QWERTY keyboard that offers a better typing experience for some people. This phone will be especially useful for those with businesses as you can have two numbers in one which you can assign different ring tones to, and it also possesses a good battery life making it one of the five best phones for £50.

Doro PhoneEasy 332GSM

The Doro PhoneEasy 332GSM is designed for people with visual impairments but has a useful feature set that many of us with older parents or grandparents will find useful. It has features like a large font, flashlight and a lot of options for contacts. This phone is perfect for people who want a simple no frills phone and those who struggle with their vision.

Nokia C2-05

The Nokia C2-05 is a compact slider phone that packs a premium finish combined with a 2inch colour screen. The Nokia browser included with the does offers easy access to Twitter, Facebook and email. The browser accelerates the internet browsing by compressing it by up to 90% and the phone also offers up to 32Gb of storage via a microSD card. Nokia offers an app store for this device, but don’t expect it to be the same as the likes of Apple or Android. This is a good quality phone and definitely one of the five best phones for £50.

Acer BeTouch E110

The Acer BeTouch E110 offers a 2.8inch screen, HSDPA, a 3.2MP camera and GPS. It actually runs Android but doesn’t offer access to the marketplace. It does have a resistive touchscreen, which is less responsive than a more expensive capacitive screen. Like most phones it offers a microSD card slot for storage of music and videos. This is a smartphones offered in the £50 price bracket, which is quite a feat but don’t expect it to compete with a more modern smartphone.

Samsung B2100 Solid Extreme

The second Samsung phone on our list, the Samsung B2100 Solid Extreme does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a tough phone that has a strong exterior that offers protection from water and knocks. The Samsung B2100 offers a simple user experience and has chunky buttons which make it easy to change volume of calls – useful when using gloves or with cold hands. This is a very good phone for £50 and would be perfect for those of us who are moving around a lot.

Which is your favour phone for £50? Have you bought any of the five best phones for £50 on this list? Please feel free to write a comment below.