American football is one of the biggest past-time's in the United States.  Most major football franchises have their own stadium.  It is in this location that they play home games, sell tickets, merchandise, and host conventions.  Current NFL stadium's in the United States fall into two categories.  Some stadium's are older and thus are smaller venues while other stadiums have been built more recently and are modern.  There is also out-door stadiums and in-door stadiums.  Some players play on astroturf while others play on real grass. 

All of these characteristics are decided on the stadium.  In this article we will examine the five largest NFL stadiums in the United States.  We will see how big they are, how many people they can hold, and what type of grass the players play on.  The biggest football stadiums are as follows:  FedEx Field, Metlife Stadium, Lambeau Field, AT&T stadium, Arrowhead Stadium. 

FedEx Field


FedEx Field is located within the Capitol Beltway of the United States.  This means the field is very close to Washington D.C. which is the home are of the Washington Redskins.  FedEx Field is the biggest football stadium in the United States.  It is the biggest stadium because of how many people it can seat.  The stadium seats 85,000 people. 

The stadium is not a "new" stadium, as in a stadium built after the year 2000, but a huge stadium built in 1997.  Originally the stadium was called the Jack Kent Cooke Stadium and went under this name from 1997 to 1999.  In 1999, the stadium had it's name changed to FedEx Field. 

The stadium itself has five levels:  lower level, club level, the lower and upper suites level, and the upper level.  These levels are where fans are seating.  Some fans may prefer to be closer to the field in which case they should purchase tickets that put them on the lower seating level.

It should be noted that recent and ongoing design changes may have have affected FedEx stadium's spot on the number one list of the NFL's biggest stadiums.  Reports indicate that seating has been removed which would drop this stadium in the ratings.  You can check this out here.[1] 

Lastly, the stadium uses real grass.  The debate about artifical grass and real grass is on-going in NFL stadiums, but for an out-door arena like this it probably is fine. 

Metlife Stadium

MetLife StadiumCredit: Wikipedia

Metlife stadium is a huge out-door stadium constructed in 2010.  The stadium is located in Meadowlands Sports Complex, New Jersey.  This stadium is the home of the New York Giants and New York Jets.  This stadium is the only NFL stadium that is shared by two NFL football teams making it unique in American football. 

Notable design choices have made the stadium so that it the lowest seats near the field are the closest to the field out of any stadium in the NFL.  The stadium is an out-door arena with no roof which does make it slightly different than other in-door or roofed fields. 

The stadium can hold 82,556 fans which makes it the second largest stadium behind FedEx Field if it still holds 85,000 fans. 

Lambeau Field

Lambeau FieldCredit: Wikipedia

Lambeau Field is an out-door football stadium in Green Bay Wisconsin.  The stadium was built in 1957 which makes it one of the oldest stadiums in the NFL.  The stadium was originally known as City Stadium, but was changed in the 1960s to celebrate one of the most notable players in the franchise Curly Lambeau. 

Lambeau Field can hold 80,750 fans.  This number was reached after numerous stadium renovvations which have occurred since it was built in 1957.  It is the largest stadium in the state of Wisconsin and the third largest stadium in the NFL.  The stadium uses real grass and has no roof. 

The stadium is home to the Green Bay Packers and usually the Packers are given home field advantage.  They are used to the stadium and the often freezing elements in the stadium.  It is often very cold at Lambeau Field. 

AT&T Stadium

AT&T StadiumCredit: Google Images

AT&T Stadium is home to the Dallas Cowboys and is located in Arlington, Texas.  The stadium has a retractable roof.  The stadium was completed in 2009 and can seat up to 80,000 fans.  This makes it the fourth biggest stadium in the NFL.  Additionally, the stadium is owned by the city and is often used for other venues.  The stadium has been used for concerts, live events, and other sporting contests.  However, it is most known for being home to the Dallas Cowboys. 

Arrowhead Stadium

Arrowhead StadiumCredit: Wikipedia

Arrowhead Stadium is located in Kansas City Missouri and is home to the Kansas City Chiefs.  It is located within the Truman Sports Complex.  This area hosts other training and sporting complexes.  The stadium is the fifth largest stadium in terms of seating in the NFL.  It can hold 76,416 fans.  A large scale renovation project was completed in 2009 which cost the stadium over 300 million dollars.  The original stadium, however was built in 1972. 


The five biggest stadiums in the United States are gathering spots for NFL fans and enthusiasts.  For these people it isn't the seating size of the stadium that attracts them, but the team itself.  Often times fan arrive hours before a sporting event so they can talk to their friends, tail gate, and party. 

American football is a national past-time and these stadiums represent the best of Amerian football.  Hopefully they will continue to entertain sporting fans for years to come with their glory and sporting franchises.