Everyone, even someone who has never driven a vehicle in his life, may be involved in an auto accident which means that it cannot be totally avoided. However, knowing the possible causes of these accidents should lessen the likelihood of causing an accident.

Most accidents in Los Angeles would necessitate the assistance of a Los Angeles accident attorney. But, before knowing what to do after an accident, it would be wise to learn what can be done to minimize the risk of being involved in one.

Aside from driver error and negligence, here are the common factors that often lead to accidents on the road:

  • Pedestrians walking on unmarked crosswalks. Mere mortals are no match for the power that automotives can generate. It is true that motorists are required to slow down when nearing marked crosswalks, but, in most fatal pedestrian accidents, they are not charged because no offense has been committed since the pedestrian was negligent and failed to use the designated crosswalks.
  • Road debris/tire parts left by other motorists. Accidents caused by unexpected debris on the road are too common. The truth is, motorists may not be aware that something has fallen off their vehicle, and if they are, they will put their own safety at risk if they stop to pick it up. So, drivers must be cautious of debris that the preceding vehicle could launch into their windshield and to keep safe distance from other vehicles if traffic is not too congested.
  • Faulty road designs. There are cases when these are to blame for accidents involving motorists who are unfamiliar with the particular road design and architecture. The government responsible in maintaining these roads must make sure that no one gets into an accident by putting up warnings and signs that would alert motorists. Motorists, on their part, should also be cautious when driving along unfamiliar roads.
  • Aggressive drivers who are prone to road rage. There are drivers who are just more dangerous than others. These aggressive drivers can be identified because of his constant honking, shouting at other motorists, and tailgating among others. It is best to stay away or to just give way to these drivers as they are the ones prone to use their vehicles as a weapon to hurt others.
  • Lack of traffic lights and signage. Unfortunately, there are areas where no traffic lights and signage are put up to warn motorists of the road condition or who has the right of way. The confusion and lack of awareness that these inflicts to motorists can cause accidents that may leave vehicle occupants with injuries and property damages. The government responsible in maintaining these roads may be held liable for their negligence.

After an accident caused by any of the above factors has occurred, you must immediately consult with a Los Angeles personal injury attorney who can help you establish the liability of the other party who should compensate all the damages that resulted from the accident.