Keeping a bottle of honey at home becomes handy on several occasions. Everyone knows that honey has several health benefits. It is an excellent substitute for sugar in our drinks and food. Honey is a natural antiseptic too. We also use honey in many recipes to enhance flavor and add sweetness.

Many times we can use this wonderful sweet yellow viscous fluid produced by bees from the nectar of flowers , as home remedies to treat many of our common health problems at home. Honey contains vitamins B1, B2, C, B6, B5 and B3 all of which change according to the qualities of the nectar and pollen. Honey can be used for several home remedies. Five of such home remedies are mentioned here.

However, it is not safe for infant use because of its endospores of the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. These endospores can transform into toxin-producing bacteria in the infant's intestinal tract.

1. Weight loss - Before trying vigorous exercises and expensive slimming tablets, why not try with honey treatment, to reduce at least some amount of your unwanted fat? One glass of warm water taken with two tea spoons of honey and 1 tea spoon of lemon juice in early morning on empty stomach reduces fat and purifies blood. Along with it, doing some simple exercises can also help the process faster.

2. Insomnia - Many people suffer from insomnia (unable to sleep) for various reasons. Instead of popping up sleeping tablets daily try honey treatment. Add a dessertspoon of honey in a cup of warm milk, works as a modest sedative and get you into sleep. If taken regularly for some time it can help you to get out of the sleeping pills.

3. Fatigue - Fatigue is tiredness that does not go away when you rest. It can occur any time, especially after a day's of hard work. You might feel completely tired and exhausted. Everybody is tired once in a while – the most common reason is, of course, lack of sleep. Honey can help us to some extent because it is easily absorbed in the blood. One spoon of honey can be dissolved in a cup of warm water and taken to get relief from fatigue. Honey contains nutrients and minerals and hence it replaces the lost energy. One spoon honey with half a spoon cinnamon in warm water taken twice daily for a period of at least one week, will help a person to become more alert, and strengthen your immune system.

4. Sore throat - Sore throats (pharyngitis) are the most common reason that patients visit a doctor. A person with sore throat may suffer with dry, scratchy or swollen throat and as a result occurs pain while swallowing, breathing or talking. Mix 2 tablespoons of sesame oil and one tbsp of honey. Take one spoon three times a day. Along with this, gargling with warm salt water (1 teaspoon salt dissolved in one glass of water) 4-5 times a day enhances the healing process.

5. For eyesight - In this computer age, many of us spend hours working with our computer, which causes strain to our eyes. Honey comes as great help for us. Mix 2 tea spoon of honey with carrot juice and consume regularly. This helps to improve eyesight and is very helpful for those who sit before computer for long hours.