We all decide at some point that we want to start getting up earlier. We start off motivated and that can often use pure willpower to get up early one or two days after we make the decision. However, willpower quickly runs out and we return to our drowsy selves. I'd like to give you a few quick suggestions as to how you can improve your chances of getting up earlier from now. Some of these ideas may seem like common sense, but often times we know how to solve a problem and just need to hear it said. So, let's get started!

Things You Will Need

There are two very important things you are going to need in order for this guide to be of help to you . Make sure you have these ready before you proceed!
1. An alarm clock
2. A bed
3. An angry drill sergeant to yell at you to get up (this is optional, but it can be quite helpful)

Step 1

sleep (15931)First thing you are going to have to do is set your alarm clock for the time you want to get up. I would suggest waking up about ten or fifteen minutes earlier each day until you achieve your goal. Remember that the snooze button is your enemy. I would suggest taping an index card over it so you can't press the button. Also helpful is to put your alarm clock on the other side of the room.

Step 2

You've got a cell phone and your cell phone probably has an alarm clock function on it. Set the alarm clock on this to go off five minutes after your regular alarm. This way, just knowing that it is going to go off may be enough to get you out of bed.

Step 3

Let's be honest, you are probably staying up late watching TV. So, turn the TV and get to bed. All the other tricks are helpful, but the best way to get up earlier is to go to bed earlier. You will feel less tires and more refreshed when that alarm goes off.

Step 4

The smell of coffee is great for perking you up in the morning. You should buy a coffeemaker that can be pre-programmed to start brewing at a certain time (these coffee makers are not expensive). Set the coffeemaker to start brewing a couple of minutes before you get up. Once you awake, you'll have the smell of coffee and a cup waiting for you. Further, if you keep sleeping, you'll feel bad that the fresh coffee is going to waste - even more motivation to get up!

Step 5

One way to wake yourself up quickly is to do a few quick pushups right away. This will get your blood flowing and make you more alert. You don't need to go crazy, just do enough to get some energy going. Once you're out of bed and moving, you'll probably find it easier to stay up.
There you have it, five tips that are sure to help you get up earlier! Good luck implementing them. If you have any more tips, share them in the comments.

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