How to be Unique

Halloween Background

Want to stand out on the big day?  Well Halloween is almost here and you will need to get one of these awesome costumes so that you will impress your friends.  Impressing your friends is very important and goes back to the origins of American Halloween.  Since the beginning, Halloween in America has been about scaring people especially since the holiday was commercialized in the 1950s.  

The commercialization of Halloween turned the day into one of horrors.  Little children are encouraged to run around like Freddy or Jason.  

Freddy Vs. JasonCredit: Google Images

Hideous masks are sold at Walmarts and buckets of candy are poured into trick or treat bags.  Cheap plastic weapons are sold so that your children can intimidate the neighbors and hoods disguise identities.  If you want to learn more about the origin of Halloween than I suggest you check out this article:

These costumes are of course based on iconic Halloween monsters:  Goblins, Frankenstein, Vampires, Werewolves, and Skeletons.  These are the entities that emerged from the Dark Ages with enough folk lore in them to survive into the 21st Century.  Here is some additional information about the traditional monsters for Halloween costumes:

But you don't want traditional.  You want unique and that is what you are going to get in this article.  


In this article we will examine five non-traditional Halloween Costumes that are not based on folk lore or lore of any kind.  These are costumes based on emerging culture and legends for the 21st century.  They are strange, twisted, funny, werid, and nerdy.

Costume 1:  Slender Man

Slender Man is based on dubious folk lores from the 17th Century, but the creature that lore is based on had many different names.  The name Slender Man and it's modern image is a 21st Century creation brought to you by creepypasta.  

Slender ManCredit: Costume

The Slender Man costume at first glance looks like a modern business suite with a sock or some kind of pair of pantyhose over the head.  Well, that is pretty much what it is.  This costume will make you look fairly strange.  Here are the costume details:  White Mask, business suite, shoes not included.  You can purchase it for 59.99$ here.[1]   If your not a fan of creepy internet creepypasta then maybe you should try a funny costume.  This one will make you stand out at any parties you go too, for sure!  

Costume 2:  Green Man 

Maybe you know what this costume is, but if you don't let me explain it.  Green Man is a costume popularized in the hit-comedy Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  One of the cast members, Charlie, wears the costume at numerous gatherings during the show.  When Charlie puts on the costume you know that the show is about to get funny.  I recommend this costume if you want to be the joke of the party.  

Green ManCredit:

Be ready to make your friends laugh if you wear the green man costume.  The costume costs 38.99$ and it includes:  a green spandax suite that is flexible so even if you are over weight you should still be able to fit into this.  Here is the refrence for it.[2]  

Costume 3:  Obama Mask

There is no better way to support the President of the United States than to be him for Halloween!  Plus who wouldn't want to be the President?  Get your Obama Mask and trick or treat in stlye.  Check it out here:  


Get the mask here it costs 14.20$[3]   

Costume 4: Master Chief 

Okay this is the big one.  It is expensive so if you think a couple hundred dollars is out of your pay range than you better skip number four.  The Master Chief is an iconic piece of American culture, created in the early 2000's through the video game Halo.  It doesn't matter that the games have gone down hill!  You can still support and be your favorite action hero from the good old days, the Master Chief.  

Master ChiefCredit:

The Master Chief outfit is the perfect way to showcase your nerdyness.  If I could afford it, I would buy it for my Halloween costume.  It includes what you see above.  Check it out here it only costs 581.98$.[4]  

Costume 5: Human Centipede

Some of you may be aware of this movie.  It is called the Human Centipede and it is twisted, werid and strange.  The costume is like the movie and it is really out there.  The costume is one that you will have to create yourself, but it will be worth it.  Wearing it means that you won't actually be able to walk.  You are going to have to crawl around the party or location where you are at.  This will be an attention grabber.  Check out the photo below.

Human CentipedeCredit:

It looks like the costume will include several blow up dolls and duck tape.  I'm sure you will know where you can find these items, but I am not going to link them here.  IF you want to see how to create it than check out the reference.[5]  Enjoy

Check out the Youtube Video below for some extra costume ideas.  


Extra Tips


By this point you may be shaking your head or laughing out loud.  Some of the costumes that I posted are out there, but that is the point of this article.  It is to give you a fighting chance at standing out in a party or social gathering.  If you are going to a college party or a friend's party you are going to want to get attention and stand out.  Some of these costumes showcase your insanity (Human Centipede) or your nerdyness (Master Chief), but all of them will make you stand out.  

I recommend that you try one of these outfits out for Halloween and then come back and share your thoughts.  Did they get you attention?  Did you have fun?  Please share.