Turtles are a great theme for your nursery. The theme works for boys, girls and offers a great gender neutral option. You are not likely going to want to plaster the walls with turtles but use this list to find unique options for every facet of your turtle nursery theme.

Wall Hangings

European nursery decoration maker Mum Said sells the best turtle themed wall hanging. Unfortunately, most readers of this site aren't interested in the hassle that comes with purchasing goods from overseas. Head over to Etsy and check out Susan Powers Design for her fun stamped and quilted turtle wall hanging. The greens, yellows and blues are sure to fit with any turtle or aquatic color scheme.

Wall Stickers

You coule go with strictly turtle wall stickers but it would be best to accent the walls with general aquatic images. Designwithaz.com has a great set of wall tattoos called Ocean 14. The only drawback is that the stickers only come in one color. Still, the images are not too overpowering and would provide any nursery with a subtle under-water touch.

Turtle Wall PaintingCredit: turtlemom4bacon

If wall stickers aren't your thing, consider painting your own turtle accent. Remember, rudimentary paintings and imperfect drawings often fit well in a baby's room. This image was hand drawn and it would add nicely to any turtle nursery theme.

Area Rug

I love the idea of adding an area rug to a nursery to lend extra color and image to the theme. The Jungle Store that sells on Amazon offers a 'Jellybean Spotted Turtle Accent Area Rug'. The colors on the rug offer a slight deviation from the blues and greens you will normally find in any underwater themed nursery.

The Little Things for Your Turtle Nursery

DIY Underwater Night Light: This little project isn't relegated to only an underwater theme. You can very easily make your own jar nightlight with a small empty jar and a tiny battery operated LED tea light. (You can find the tea lights at the dollar store.) After telling you to use a jar and a battery operated tea light your mind can likely fill in the blanks. For some examples, visit this site for a version with a shade (made from a cup) or visit this Etsy store for a good example.

And finally, because we just can't get enough of Etsy products, visit Little Monkey Doodles store for their Pond Critters Bedroom Door Sign. These are a steal of a deal at only $12.50 and are presonalized with your child's name. Of all the turtle nursery decorations on this list, I think this is the best one and one of the cheapest.

These simple decorations are sure to add just the right touches to your turtle or underwater themed baby's room. Have fun decorating!