Anything worth doing usually requires more than just a single step in order to complete. A task as complicated and multilayered as finding a girlfriend requires several steps over a period of time. You're here to get the girl not be the one left behind in the dust, and that's a great place to start. Assuming you've been through something as defeating as that, pay attention to who gets the girl, what do they do, what are the differences between them and you? 

Get a Girlfriend - Find me a wife

Rather than continually ask yourself "How can I get girls?" and stewing over your overused keyboard, take action, you've heard about the early bird? He gets the girl. 

Step 1. Nervous to Meet People? Don't Be You, Be An Actor

The main reason this is important is you've likely had difficulties in the past due to your lack of courage in the face of your objectives.

Find me a girlfriend - ActorGirls, like bees and sharks, can smell fear, only its far more unconscious than that. There is simply something uninteresting or unattractive about you in your fearsome state and the girl may not be exactly sure why.

You don't have to have balls of steel and be able to karate chop through a two-by-four, but this is where the phrase "fake it to make it" comes strongly into play. This is an important point and really should be taken relatively seriously since first impressions mean everything. Studies have actually shown that by pretending to have a greater sense of worth, self-esteem and courage, your body reworks itself to manifest them from your fantasy to your reality. 

Who do you think that cute girl across the room from you is going to go for, a suave debonaire or a simpering man child?

This is where your acting skills need to come into play. If you can pretend like you're not halfway as concerned with the outcome of your interaction with her, you're off to an excellent start.

Step 2. Don't Just Sit There, Participate!

By brushing up on current events, both local and global, you've given yourself a great conversation starter, plus you come off like a responsible, interested, and more importantly interesting person. Chances are this will get her curious about you, which is just where you want her.

This crucial step will demand your entire attention for a while. For the best results, this is what you ought to look for: a topic that will interest her, but not exclusively her.

The key reason this is very important is you'll need the basis for your interaction to be broad enough that she finds it interesting too, but not too specifically "about her" that your trick will be found out. It's a delicate balance you've got to achieve but in doing so you're sure to keep that interest you've already worked so hard to establish.

Step 3. Be Honest, Don't Lie!

The reason why is to increase your viability, but also to keep in place your morals. You're not trying to trick anyone or make her think you're someone you're not, you're just augmenting your profile so to speak, so that you have the opportunity to initiate a conversation or keep a good thing going.

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Many advice arenas will advise you to do anything it takes to win the hand of your lady, but they fail to point out that sooner or later she's going to realize your agenda and that's a mess of immorality you just don't want any part of.

Additionally you will want to pay attention to the statistics. The majority of couples in happy long-term relationships started off in this very way, and plenty of them are willing to share their success ful tactics with you.

This is a win-win situation, as you gain knowledge from those who have gone before you, their failures and pitfalls can not have been in vain as you get to benefit from them as well.

Step 4. No Harm In a Few Fun Games

There are plenty out there, and you may even have heard of a few yourself, but it's important when going out and having expectations, to have a game-plan.

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither should you love life be. Now there are plenty of resources for these kind of strategies, but here's a freebie and a real winner!

One excellent example of such a game is to first pick out the girl at a party, or other social setting where you'll be sure to have at least an hour to spend with her but have to spread your attention around. Girls are just like us, they want to be shown attention, and they like to be made the center of it all.Get a girlfriend - Party

You achieve this by singling her out, and telling her there are three things about her that you find irresistible. 

You should always have at least two in "the vault" that are plausible, and somewhat specific. Something about how she's obviously the "hot one" out of her group of friends for example. 

So you keep on showering her with this attention, and by the look in her face you should have a good idea whether she's going for it. If not, ramp up your game, and make sure the second thing is a real winner.

Now comes the fun part! You should have whet her appetite for compliments significantly by this point and she'll be starving for what comes next. And just as you're about to crescendo, you're suddenly distracted and see someone you know that you really have to talk to.

It should definitely be another man, and ask her if she can hold that thought, that you'll get right back with her. She should be significantly reassured that you're into her enough that she'll end up trailing after you for the rest of your time in the same space.

Step 5. Where to Find A Woman - Your Best Market For Success

There are several places that come to mind when asking "how do I meet people?" and there are several other answers. Some are just plain better than others. Those that first come to mind for most of us scratching our heads are bars, clubs, parties and so on. You've got to forget all that. Setting out to find a girl at a bar is about as probable as you trampling over a thousand heavy older women at a black-friday sale.

You want to succeed, so you've got to put yourself where you've got the greatest chance. Volunteering is an excellent way to meet people, maybe even find a girlfriend! Think about it, you immediately have something in common assuming you're volunteering in an area where you have an interest. For example, like dogs?

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Plenty of animal shelters are looking for your help! On top of an automatic conversation-starter you're not some drunken co-ed chasing tail, you're a caring member of society trying to correct or improve a problem.

This is dating gold, and single women are very predisposed to eat this sort of thing up. By taking an active interest in your community and the wellbeing of helpless unfortunates within it, you're sending the signal that you prioritize your time and actions with altruistic precision. 

Moreover, if you don't hit it off the first time, you're in there with plenty of other single women likely also looking for a relationship. Volunteer positions can also have a high rate of turnover, so if you strike out it's easier than ever to get back in the saddle, as the pool is constantly updated. 

At last, for those who carry out the above mentioned steps meticulously, you are likely to succeed and revel in that success and the fruits it brings! Now pat yourself on the shoulder, become a little proud of yourself.

It's your success to have enjoyment from, and your chance to set the standard for other people to make an attempt to follow! You now may savor your success and enjoy!