You have a Facebook page setup for your business, but now what? How nice it would be if the fans would just pour in. Unfortunately, that's not the case. You have to do the work, but there are some simple tips to getting fans to your Facebook page.  

Here are five easy tips to get Facebook fans: 

1. Create a Facebook landing page. By creating a Facebook landing page you are allowing fans and customers to learn what you are about from the beginning. They won't have to browse around searching for information. People don't have time to question who or what you are about. Attention spans are shorter today than ever before. Making it as easy as possible for others to know what you are about is best for them, and you. 

Research some of your favorite companies and view their landing pages. If they are doing their job right, They leave no questions about what service they offer, products they sell, etc. If html design is a foreign language to you, perhaps find a third-party service that you can easily edit and adjust to create your landing page. Pagemodo offers this at various levels of pricing. You can get your first page for free. You can have your page created in a few simple steps. 

2. Advertise your Facebook page. This isn't a free option, but it is certainly something to consider for your business or services. You have the potential to connect with over 600 million Facebook fans through advertising. Facebook ads have many customizable options, including selecting a specific place, age range, interests, and more. Sometimes you have to spend money to make money. Using ads is a great investment for creating more fans and potential customers. 

3. Add links to your Facebook page on your website. Whether adding it to the top of your page or the sidebar, it is almost a need in business today. You can place the links in various places on your website or blog to make it one of the first things your customers see. 

If you are a blogger, consider adding your link to the end of each blog post. If readers make it far enough to reach the end of your post, it means they your content has impress them. Keep them from having to search around for the Like box and make it easier for them to simply click and like. 

4. Add links to videos. YouTube is the second largest search engine. Making videos about your products or services is an easy and cost-effective way to promote yourself or your business. When making a video, be sure and add the Facebook link to the end. Make your Facebook name easy to remember so that viewers can type in the address with your user name and land straight on your page. 

5. Include your Facebook link in your email signature. This is easy to do. Every time you send an email out readers can see your link and easily click on it.  Add all of your social media logos at the bottom of each signature. Wisestamp is a great service and it is free. 

Get your business or blog more Facebook fans today by following these five easy tips.