Generate Extra Income at Home

Most people believe that it is impossible to earn a legitimate supplemental income online, and for good reason. Many "work at home jobs" or "work online jobs" end up paying very little per hour or have a minimum payout amount making it near impossible to earn any sort of sustainable income. 

In this article, we will explore three legitimate ways to earn extra money online. 

1. Audio Transcription:

In this author's opinion the best place to start is Rev.  Although Rev requests people with experience, as long as the two sample transcriptions (that are required as part of the application) are of good quality, they will consider your application. 

Based out of San Francisco, Rev hires independent contractors world-wide to listen to audio transcripts and type them following a prescribed format.  Rev treats its independent contractors well and provides support and encouragement for them making it a great place to earn some extra money.

Audio is almost always available for transcription at Rev meaning that money can be made at all hours, including before work, after work, and on the weekends.  Transcription is paid by the minute and ranges from forty-eight cents a minute to over a dollar a minute. If you can type quickly you will make around $10 an hour on Rev. Money is paid weekly through PayPal.

Rev is (in my opinion) the best way to make a supplemental income without having a set schedule, or having to go through a long and tedious application and interview process.

2. Customer Support

Enjoy talking with people?  Second on the list is Alpine Access.  Alpine Access employes people to work as customer service representatives. Customer service representatives are in charge of answering in-coming phone calls.Since Alpine Access works with many companies the customer base varies which makes for an interesting career.

Alpine Access offers full-time as well as part-time work, but they do require a commitment to a set schedule.  Alpine Access starts their employees off at minimum wage during training and increases pay when the employee actually starts working.  Employees can expect a check bi-weekly. 

There are some downsides associated with Alpine Access. First, they only hire people from forty of the states, meaning that if you are in, let's say California, Florida or North Dakota, you won't be able to get a job here. Also, Alpine Access does require a land line phone system to start work.

3.Teach Enlish

 Love learning and teaching others? Our last legitimate way to earn a supplemental income is through tutoring English.  Although a Bachelor's degree is required for this line of work, teaching English can be an easy and rewarding job.

One reputable company that hires English tutors is TutorABC. This site offers video-chat-style  sessions in which non-English speakers interact with their instructor for an "immersion" experience.

Instructors are provided with lessons and simply have to present the lesson to the students during the sessions.  Sessions that your chose to work are flexible, but there is a minimum number of hours required weekly.  Pay is a base hourly wage with bonuses for high ratings from your students.

Unfortunately, TutorABC is our third choice because they have relatively low wages and their have been complaints of them being, at times, frustrating to work with.